The Best Cat Scratching Posts

The Best Scratching Posts For Cats & Kittens

If you want a cat scratching post suited to both cats and kittens then you have come to the right place. Here you can find out what the best cat scratch pole is best for your cat, while also making sure they are going to get hours of enjoyment out of it. You will also find out whether cardboard scratchers are better than plush scratchers, and what materials you should be looking out for when choosing your cat scratch tower. Want to find out more? Simply look below. 

What is a Cat Scratch Post?

If you want to know what a cat scratching post is, then you need to understand why cats scratch in the first place. If you want to cohabitate with your cat then you need to know that they will engage in destructive behaviour. A cat scratching post helps to curb any behaviour that may otherwise ruin your furniture. It stops them from scratching areas around your home and instead, it encourages them to scratch the post instead.

Scratching posts are usually made out of rope that is wrapped around a pole. This is then mounted on a stable surface, ensuring that it won’t fall over when it’s in use. A cat scratching post can also contain a scent, to encourage the cat to scratch there, instead of elsewhere around the home. The great thing about a cat scratch post is that your cat can carry out any behaviour that is natural to them, and you won’t have to worry about your house being ruined as a result. It allows everyone to live in peace and harmony. 

What to Look for in a Good Cat Scratching Post?

Your cat wants something that they can dig their claws into. Being rough is how your cat will file down their claws. Cats tend to love the texture of sisal, which is a fibrous type of rope. It is made from the agave plant, and it is a fantastic option for those who have cats who like to scratch more than most. It’s durable and you won’t have to replace it too often. Many cats love a surface that they can really shred sometimes, and that’s why cardboard cat scratchers are another really popular option.

If your cat is scratching the side of your couch, opt for sisal. If they are digging into the carpet, you can find a cardboard scratcher, or you can consider a softer option such as corrugated cardboard. Scratching isn’t about claw health alone. Cats scratch as a way to flex their bodies. When you are choosing a cat scratching post that stands up, make sure that you choose one that allows your cat to stretch their body.

Next up, angle. One of the most important parts of information that you could hope to use when observing your cat scratch, is the angle. If they are standing on their hind legs to scratch, opt for a taller scratching post. If they are scratching the carpet, choose one that lays on the floor.

Why Is It Important To Have A Cat Scratching Post?

Cats are born with the natural instinct to scratch, for a huge range of reasons. Cats have scents in their paws and scratching deposits the scent onto the object. This leaves a territorial message, for other cats who may be in the house, or in the area where you live. Likewise, the visual marks that are left, convey a territorial message. As if that wasn’t enough, scratching helps to remove the outer layer of their nail. It’s a grooming behaviour, and it releases those feel-good hormones. These hormones keep your cat healthy. For this reason, although scratching may be destructive to your furniture, it’s actually really good for your cat and it is essential for them, as it helps them to blow off steam. If you want your cat to stop scratching your carpet, your furniture or even your walls, then you need to invest in a good cat scratch tower. 

What Are The Different Cat Scratching Materials?

If you want your cat to have the best experience when scratching, then you have to make sure that you choose the right material for them. If you don’t choose the right material then you may find that they don’t like the post you have chosen, and this won’t help anyone. Your hard-earned money will be thrown away, and your cat will resume scratching your sofa, carpet or anywhere else they have taken a liking to. If you want to stop this from being the case then you need to make sure that you do what you can to make good choices, for you and your cat. Take a look below to see which scratchers are available, and which materials you should be looking out for. 

Cardboard Scratchers

Cardboard cat scratchers are available in various designs, and there are also different thicknesses for you to choose from as well. Some cardboard cat scratchers are just 2mm thick, but others go up to 4mm thick. The cardboard cat scratchers which are 4mm thick are very durable, but the layers are sometimes too dense for cats to scratch comfortably. If you want to help your cat to have the best cat-scratching experience then you need to take into account how rough they are when scratching, their age and other habits. This will help you to choose a cardboard scratcher that is suited to them.

Plush Scratchers

Plush scratchers often have furry platforms, that your cat can sit on when they are not scratching. They are also available with tunnels and various other features. If you have a house cat, they may much prefer the soft and comfortable design of a plush scratcher.

Plastic Scratchers

A plastic scratcher is suited to cats who like to rub against things, or who like to self-groom. Some plastic scratchers come with an arch, that cats can rub their scent onto. The platform at the bottom is also suited to cats who prefer to scratch on the floor, as opposed to reaching up to a tower, or platform.

Polyester Scratchers

If you are sick and tired of cleaning up fibres from your cat’s scratching antics, then you are not alone. So many cat-owners find themselves in this situation, but there are things that you can do to try and combat this, such as by investing in polyester scratchers. The great thing about polyester scratchers is that they are totally scratch-resistant. They don’t have loose fibres which can be pulled out, and they are resistant to cat hair, stain and odour.

Feather Scratchers

Feather scratchers come in a huge range of available materials. That being said, the most common one would be sisal. A feather or scented toy is fixed to the top of the cat scratching pole, encouraging your cat to scratch and play with it. This is ideal if you have struggled in the past, to get your cat to scratch the poles that you have bought.

Recycled Scratchers

If you are environmentally friendly, then recycled scratchers may be a good option for you. They are usually made out of cardboard, but they can contain a huge range of other materials too. If your cat goes through a lot of scratchers, opting for a recycled product may help you to curb the impact you are having on the environment.

The Best Cat Scratchers

Find our top-rated cat scratchers below. 

Minx Infinity Deluxe Scratcher Lounging Bed 

5-star reviews: 59 

This is a deluxe scratcher that doubles up as a lounging bed. This cat scratcher is ideal for those who want to provide their cat with a multi-purpose toy, that they’ll be sure to love. Comes in a medium or large size to suit multi-cat households. 

KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher With Catnip 

5-star reviews: 78 

This scratcher satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instincts by encouraging appropriate scratching behaviour while keeping them active and stimulated. It even includes bonus catnip – to make scratching even more fun. It’s environmentally friendly, and you can replace the scratching pad to keep them scratching for longer.

Kazoo Cat Scratching Post With Ball Toy

5-star reviews: 8

Satisfy your cat's natural instinct to pounce, scratch, bat, and chase and reduce destructive behaviour in your home. With a range of textures, your cat will love, this scratcher is sure to please. Comes in different sizes and colours. 

Zeez Feline Scratching Post Fun House With Tunnel Toy

5-star reviews: 11

Is a single scratching post not enough for your cat? Then get them a whole fun house! Great for multi-cat households, this scratcher has multiple scratching posts, hiding holes, a tunnel, balls and feathers to play with and their very own hammock. With plenty of different textures and platforms for your cat to explore. 

Wrap Up

So, there are many different types of cat scratching posts out there, but if you take the time to do your research then you will soon find that you are able to choose the best one for your cat, without having to worry about your house being destroyed. By purchasing a cat scratching post for your pet, you can be sure to provide them with something to encourage their natural instincts, while also keeping their claws nice and healthy.

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