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Minx Infinity Deluxe Scratcher Lounging Calming Bed Large For Cats 86.3cm

Minx Infinity Cat Scratcher Adds A Touch Of Luxe To Cat Scratching And Lounging!

Scratching is vital for cat health, it is a normal and natural behaviour that cats need to do, so a cat scratcher is an essential item when caring for a cat.

Scratching helps cats to:

  • Mark their territory – as they scratch, they leave visible marks and pheromone scent that reinforce for the cat that they are safe and secure in their home, leading to a confident, relaxed and calm cat who is happy and content
  • Stretch and exercise - when cats are scratching they are engaging the same muscles they use for climbing, pouncing and leaping, this workout helps to keep them fit and active, and reduces pent up energy that can lead to other unwanted cat behaviours
  • Keep their claws and paws in great shape - scratching not only helps to keep claws smooth and properly shaped; it also helps the circulation reach through to the nail beds and the tips of the toe pads, keeping cat paws in healthy condition

With advanced design technology and premium construction materials, Minx Infinity Cat Scratcher is a scratching and lounging throne fit for any feline King or Queen!

Cats find this scratcher irresistibly calming because it has been designed specifically to fulfill the needs and wants of cats.

  • It does not matter if a cat is big or small - or a tummy, back or side sleeper – the scratcher design supports the body contours and curves of snoozing cats, providing perfect comfort for every cat nap
  • The continuous curves and generous size of the scratcher allow the cat to comfortably scratch and stretch, both horizontally and, on an incline - being able to scratch and stretch from multiple angles is important for muscle fitness and nail care
  • The design includes a durable scratching surface that can be refreshed by simply turning the scratcher over – this provides the cat with a new scratching surface without having to adjust to a completely new cat post
  • Constructed from multiple layers of reinforced, recycled cardboard and strong, natural corn starch glue, it provides textures that feel perfect for claw and paw action
  • The durable, strong materials and balanced structure allow the cat to lounge securely and confidently without fear of the scratcher shaking, wobbling, or tipping

Minx Infinity Scratcher effectively balances the needs of your cat with your needs – keeping everybody in the home happy!

  • This designer cat furniture is both functional and beautiful – it gives your cat somewhere to comfortably scratch and lounge, without you having to sacrifice your living space or sense of style
  • It is stylish, modern, and sleek, a sculpted piece of art with flowing lines and a natural colour palette, it sits comfortably on display in your home without impacting your décor
  • Designed specifically to be an inviting scratching and lounging place just for cats – this helps to keep them off your furniture and saves your lounge, curtains, and carpets from scratching damage
  • There is no assembly required and the scratcher is easily portable, so it is simple for you to always provide your cat access to a scratcher
  • Made from recycled cardboard and natural corn starch glue, when it is time to get a new Minx Infinity Scratcher, simply dispose of the used scratcher through your recycled waste collection  

Dimensions (approx):

  • Length:863mm
  • Width:267mm
  • Height: 267mm


  • Inspect the scratcher frequently
  • Supervise the use of the scratcher
  • Replace the scratcher when it becomes worn

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