The Ultimate Cat Bed Guide


Cats love to sleep. A cat sleeps 12-16 hours a day on average, what a life! Cats will sleep on the floor, on the roof - anywhere they choose! But when you’re a pet owner, you only want the best for your pet, which is why only a comfy bed will do. 

The right bed will be a welcome purchase for your cat. It can encourage them to sleep in the same spot, protect your furniture, and maybe even stop sleeping in your bed.

In this detailed guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about choosing the right cat bed for your pet. Give your cat sweet dreams every day with our ultimate cat bed guide.


Why does your cat need a cat bed?

Cats spend a lot of their days sleeping, which is why a cosy cat bed is a must-have in your home. Cats can sleep in all kinds of places, but it’s a good idea to get them to sleep in their own bed. You might even find they need several beds.

Many cats like to sleep in their owners’ beds. Cats are okay on the bed, but if you dislike being woken in the night to play or having your furry friend sleep on you, you might prefer to have them sleep elsewhere. In addition, having your cat sleep in their own bed can help keep cat hair to a minimum in your house, and help anyone who might have allergies. With their own bed, your cat will have somewhere comfortable and familiar to snuggle up in, making them feel completely at ease in your home.


Types of beds to suit your cat

Just like humans, cats have their own needs and preferences. Some like to be warm when they sleep, others might want to sleep in a cooler environment. But choosing the right type of cat bed will also depend on your preferences and your home. Do you need a large cat bed? A small cat bed? A space-saving cat bed? Some of the best types of cat beds in Australia include:

Heated cat beds

Some cats love nothing more than curling up somewhere warm and cosy. That’s easier said than done in a cold house! A heated cat bed provides comfort, and it can also be ideal for settling a new cat into your home. If your cat suffers from a health problem, a heated cat bed could also help keep them comfortable.

Cooling cat beds

While some cats love to be warm, there are others who like to stay cool when they’re sleeping. A cooling cat bed can help keep your cat comfortable on hot days, giving them somewhere to escape the heat. 

Igloo cat bed

Your cat’s bed doesn’t just have to be somewhere for them to sleep. It’s also their space where they feel safe and can escape too if things get too much or they’re feeling a little anxious. An igloo cat bed is the perfect space for cats to curl up in, giving them some privacy when they need it. 

Cat scratcher bed

If you have an apartment or a small space, you might not have room for all of your cat’s accessories. Finding ways to reduce the clutter can keep your home looking its best, while still giving them everything they need. A cat scratcher bed combines a bed with a scratch post to help your cat’s needs. It’s also an ideal solution for protecting your own furniture too. 

Cat window beds or hanging cat beds

Cats like to sleep in all kinds of unusual places. It’s not uncommon to find them on top of a bookcase or a windowsill! If your cat prefers to be up high, a cat window bed or hanging bed can make a fantastic place for your kitty to get their rest, and save you some floor space too!  Indoor cats particularly can benefit from these high beds as they can watch the world outside which helps keep them stimulated (in between naps).

Outdoor cat bed

Your cat may prefer to sleep or nap outdoors so an outdoor cat bed gives them somewhere safe to sleep, helping you keep an eye on them. It might even make them easier to find when you are looking for them!


What is the best bed for your cat?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best cat bed for your cat. You should think about its size, needs, and its personality to help you choose the most appropriate bed.

Think about your cat’s favourite sleeping spots and take it from there. If they generally prefer to sleep on the windowsill, then a hanging or window bed could be a great fit for them. If your cat relishes comfort, then a soft snuggly bed could be just the thing they’re looking for. Textures can be important too, some cats like a basket others prefer a chair.

Cat beds for anxious cats

An anxious cat needs its space. They’ll want a bed that they recognise as their own, that gives them a safe hiding spot when they need it. A tunnel bed or an igloo bed provides shelter and somewhere enclosed they can escape to, while also giving them an incredible sleeping spot. If your cat is particularly anxious it is a good idea to put their bed away from traffic areas or somewhere where strangers might visit.


How to get your cat to sleep in its bed

Despite all of your best efforts to provide them with a wonderful new bed, your cat might still resist sleeping in it. It can be tough to get them to adjust to their new sleeping spot, but there are some things you can do to encourage them to sleep in their own bed.

Try luring them to the bed with their favourite treats and toys, and you could even try some catnip! The location of the bed is also important, so why not try putting it somewhere they prefer to sleep already? Don't worry if they don’t use it straight away, it may not mean that your cat doesn’t like the new bed,  cat’s will often get to things in their own time. 

Why your cat won’t sleep in its bed(s)?

Cats will avoid their bed for many reasons. Some might prefer to sleep on a hard surface or somewhere they can move from easily. Some cats simply prefer to sleep with you, because they love you and want to be close to you.

For a lot of cats, it’s the bed that’s the problem. That’s why spending time choosing the right bed can make all the difference, helping your cat find somewhere more inviting to sleep than your bed or the sofa.

Remember when you bring a new bed home it may smell funny to your cat.  Make sure you air the bed outside in the sun and fresh air to get rid of any smells.  After this you may also like to spray it with a pheromone spray like Feliway to help make it more attractive to your cat.


Why do some cats lick their beds?

Have you ever noticed your cat licking its bed? There are many reasons why this might happen:

  • Your cat is contented and doing something they enjoy

  • Your cat is anxious and is trying to comfort themselves

  • Your cat feels happy in its surroundings and is licking the bed because it reminds them of you

If it’s mainly the bed or a blanket they’re licking, there shouldn’t be much cause for concern. If, however, they’re showing obsessive licking behaviour, they might be a sign of something else. If you’re concerned about your cat’s behaviour, you should consult your vet to rule out a medical or psychological cause behind their licking. 


Can a cat carry bed bugs?

Cats can carry different bugs and parasites, including fleas and ticks, so you might be wondering if a cat can carry bed bugs? While a cat itself can’t carry a bed bug, if you already have bed bugs at your house - your cat can get bitten by them - and, a bed bug might find a cat bed a suitable place to hide. If you suspect bed bugs in your home, don’t forget to check your pet’s bed in case they’re lurking there.


How to wash a cat bed

You should keep your cat’s bed clean to prevent odours and to keep it looking fresh. A mat can usually be wiped clean using water and a mild cleaner to keep it in a good condition. Fabric beds, however, may need to be vacuumed and spot cleaned to prevent them from becoming ruined. 

Washing a cat bed should be done according to the bed’s instructions, so check the label or make sure you buy a bed you know can be cleaned easily.  You can buy cat beds that go in the washing machine - just make sure you wash them separately to your clothes. If you have a flea problem you also need to think about their bed or bedding - again follow the instructions on the label.


Tips on how to get your cat to stop sleeping in your bed

Want to stop your cat from sleeping in your bed? Try the following tips:

  • Add a blanket or a cushion that has a familiar scent to encourage them to use their own bed. An item of your clothing might also help.

  • Put their favourite toy in the bed to attract their attention.

  • Use treats to get them onto the bed, and reward them whenever they use it. 

  • Make other areas of your home uninviting by using tin foil or smells that they won’t like.

  • Give them plenty of fuss and attention when they use the bed. 

  • And of course, make sure you buy them a comfortable bed that meets their needs!

  • Make sure you give them some ‘you’ time before you head off to bed to ensure that they have had a pat, cuddle and some extra attention.


Final thoughts

Cats may be known for being fussy, but the truth is… they just know what they want! A comfy bed can make a big difference to your cat’s happiness and wellbeing, giving them somewhere they can snuggle up in and get the rest they need. Use our cat bed guide to make sure you choose the best bed for your card and give them the gift of a dreamy, purrfect sleep and check out our blog for more great cat advice.