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Catit Design Senses Comfort Zone Cooling Raised Activity Bed For Cats

Catit Cat Senses Comfort Zone Cooling Bed for Cats is Fun Way to Pamper Your Pet and Provide Relaxation Along With Physical and Mental Stimulation
  • This cool mat is fantastic for pampering cats and providing mental and physical stimulation
  • Special therapeutic cushion that can be cooled to comfort your cat
  • If your pet suffers from arthritic pain, just place the mat sphere into the refrigerator for a few minutes and then reattach to the base
  • The cool temperature of the mat can aid in reducing inflammation in pets with sore ligaments and joints, and for older more mature cats
  • Includes a flower design face scratcher which provides pleasure to the head, neck and face and helps your cat groom itself
  • The gum stimulator massages and strengthens gums and naturally aids in the removal of tartar build-up on teeth
  • Includes catnip which is irresistible to cats and highly enjoyable
  • Elevated design to help cats feel comfortable and stay cool
  • Designed to fit perfectly with other Catit Senses units for additional sensory stimulation and exercise
  • The cushion can be refrigerated for 3 hours on hot days to help cool down your cat
  • Can be linked to other Catit Senses units to create a fun, changeable play centre
  • Can easily be washed and air dried which prevents it from gathering fleas and fur
  • Attractive design
  • Shaped like a round table with four legs
  • White, green and dark blue in colour
  • Made for cats of all ages and sizes
  • Includes: 1 sturdy blue plastic base, 1 Cool Cat Mat (Detachable), 1 gum stimulator/cleaner, and 1 face scratcher


  • 43cm length x 43cm width x 8cm height


  • For supervised play
  • Choose appropriate size and type of toy for your cat
  • Inspect toy regularly
  • If toy is damaged or parts become separated – remove the toy and parts .

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