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ZeeZ Feline Corner Hideaway Scratching Post Fun House Tree Toy For Cats

ZeeZ Feline Corner Hideaway Scratching Post Fun House Tree Toy For Cats Gives Your Kitty A Great Place To Play Hide And Sleep

The ultimate play centre, designed for multiple cats, giving them their own fun house tree to climb, hide, scratch and explore… or simply just hang out and watch the world go by!

  • Recommended for assisting the management of behaviour of indoor cats and in multi-cat households
  • Great for scratching, pouncing, hiding, batting, climbing and enjoying the view!
  • Gives your cat a prestigious scratching experience
  • Provides cats with their own premium play centre and retreat
  • Reduces destructive behaviour in the home
  • The hidey holes provide a place to hide and are the perfect place to snuggle up and relax in peace
  • Cats love being up high, therefore climbing up onto the platforms on the luxurious, soft fleece pillow will strongly appeal to your feline friend
  • The scratching mats attached to the frame allow your cat to fulfil their natural instincts to scratch
  • Contains many soft plush fleece balls with feathers, hanging from elastic strings for your cat to enjoy batting about
  • Includes multiple scratching posts made of natural sisal, perfect for scratching
  • The hidey hole exterior is made of cotton material
  • The frame is made of durable plastic
  • Compact, lightweight design makes it easy to move around  
  • Stylish design with nice, neutral colours will look great in the home
  • Cats love a range of textures; therefore, this mini-play centre will be irresistible for never-ending play!

 For Indoor Cats

  • Helps to keep your cat calm and relaxed, by providing a safe and controlled outlet for scratching, climbing, jumping and perching – essential, natural behaviours your cat needs
  • Encourages your cat to exercise, provides stimulation through play and exploration, and helps to reduce inactivity and boredom
  • The hidey holes allow cats to retreat into a quiet zone and sleep safely tucked away
  • Your cat will enjoy being in the top den to observe and monitor their territory from a higher level – if the play centre is located near a window, your cat will also be able to view the outdoors, while still safely inside your home

For Multi-Cat Households

  • Cats rely on the availability of vertical areas and private hiding places, for relaxation and safety in multi-cat households, a cat den helps to provide these crucial resources
  • Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and incidences of aggressive behaviour between cat housemates
  • The multiple platforms will allow the more confident cat in the household to perch up higher, over the top of other cats - reducing the confident cat’s need for physical confrontations and tense stand-offs with less confident cats
  • Timid cats can perch on top of the play centre as a safe, quiet resting space, that allows them to monitor the home and the movements of the other cats, from above, reducing stress and anxiety associated with possible ambush and surprise altercations
  • Multiple play centres may be required in homes where there are more than 4 cats in the household



  • 104cm height x 81cm width x 121cm length

Top Den

  • 28cm height x 38cm width x 35cm length

Middle Den

  • 36cm height x 33cm width x 34cm length
  • Hole: 20cm height x 16cm width

Bottom Den

  • 38cm height x 35cm width x 33cm length
  • Hole: 22cm height 18cm width

Scratcher Poles

  • 36cm height
  • 7cm width

Scratcher Mats

  • 45cm x 35cm


  • Assembly required but no tools are needed
  • Instructions are included
  • Max cat weight – 8kg
  • Spot clean, moist towel, air dry, and do not immerse in water
  • Used for feline rest and play, not suitable for other purposes
  • Do not exceed the maximum load bearing capacity
  • After the initial installation, check if the connectors are in place and ensure all components are connected firmly
  • Check the product regularly
  • The main frame of this product is plastic. Install the product with appropriate force in order to avoid unnecessary damage
  • In case of any damage in the course of the product usage, stop using immediately, remove the damaged parts and replace with new components
  • It is recommended to place by a wall. Do not put close to open flame, high-temperature equipment or use near damaged items


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