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Scream Cooling Pad Mat Bed Loud Blue XLarge For Dogs And Cats 81 x 96cm

Scream Cool Pad Loud Blue Is A Great Way To Keep Your Pet Cool And Comfortable

Keep your pet cool and comfortable in the warmer months with this unique and highly effective cool mat!

  • Keeps your pet cool by drawing heat away from their body and evaporates this heat back into the air via the areas of the cool pad that are not in use
  • Unlike frozen cool pads, your pet’s body temperature will lower gradually rather than instantly
  • Suitable for all dogs, cats and small animals
  • This soft mat is ideal to use all year round and helps to soothe aching muscles and joints
  • This mat is a more comfortable and supportive way for your pet to relax rather than laying on a general cold surface
  • Does not require any power source to operate
  • Easy to store and conveniently folds up making it ideal for traveling
  • Folds up to fit in your pet’s kennel, crate or pen
  • The exterior is made of Dacron (polyester fibre) with PVC coating
  • The interior is made of sponge and gel – the main composition of the gel is water and sodium carbomethyl cellulous (CMS) which is used in most cool pads and ice packs
  • Non-toxic, durable material
  • Does not require refrigeration or water
  • Easy to clean
  • The cool pad will warm up with use, periodically remove from your pet to allow the temperature to reduce


  • Small: 40cm length x 50cm width x 0.6cm thick
  • Medium: 65cm length x 50cm width x 0.8cm thick
  • Large: 90cm length x 50cm width x 1cm thick
  • Xlarge: 81cm length x 96cm width x 1.2cm thick


  • Intended for pet use only 
  • Inspect product periodically for damage 
  • If worn or damaged, stop use immediately 

Cleaning Instructions

  • Use a soft sponge to clean
  • Do not machine wash
  • Dry flat in the shade 
  • Do not brush the surface heavily 

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