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Scream Ball Launcher Loud Blue Fetch And Throw Toy For Dogs

Scream Ball Launcher Toy For Dogs Takes The Effort Out Of Exercising Your Pet And Tires Them Out Quickly
  • An exhilarating, far-throwing ball thrower for endless interactive play with your energetic pooch!
  • Allows you to throw the ball much farther and faster than with just your hands
  • Provides fantastic, fun exercise for your dog
  • Tires your pet out quickly without wearing yourself out!
  • Avoid getting your hands dirty from mud or slobber by picking the ball up using the ball-grabber cup
  • Saves your hands from getting chomped if your dog goes to grab the ball with their mouth while you’re picking it up!
  • This fantastic device puts an end to bending over, and sore arms
  • Takes the effort out of playing fetch
  • The thrower fits a standard sized tennis ball
  • Provides a fantastic hold with a handy finger grip design
  • Made of strong and durable plastic
  • Incredibly easy to use and flings balls extreme distances
  • The unique tennis ball included in the pack is made of a solid foam filling which makes it bounce higher than ordinary tennis balls
  • The ball is durable, lightweight and fast
  • It also floats on water which makes it perfect for water play
  • The ball launcher and tennis ball are easy to clean
  • Available in blue and green colour options


  • Ball Thrower: 38cm length x 8cm width
  • Ball: 7cm diameter

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