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Midwest Snapy Fit Stainless Steel Crate And Cage Bowl 20oz (591ml)

Midwest Snapy Fit Stainless Steel Crate And Cage Bowl For Cats And Dogs is a Strong and Durable Way of Feeding Your Pet

The cage or crate fitting system holds the bowl in place while feeding, then allows easy bowl removal for cleaning

  • The strong and durable bracket fitting system locks securely to the side of the cage or crate
  • The bowl slides easily into the anchored fitting which then holds the bowl in position
  • The bracket system is fitted and removed from the cage or crate simply by undoing 2 wingnuts
  • Using the fitted bowl system reduces accidental food and water spillage; and prevents pets dislodging and knocking over the bowl
  • The feeding bowl is made from easy clean hygienic brushed stainless steel

Washing Instructions

  • Hand wash in dish detergent
  • Rinse well
  • Drip dry

Available in 4 Sizes

  • 1892ml (64oz) – 20cm wide x 8cm deep
  • 946ml (32oz) – 15cm wide x 7cm deep
  • 591 ml (20oz) – 15cm wide x 5cm deep
  • 295 ml (10oz) – 12cm wide x 4cm deep

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