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KONG Kitty KONG Bundle Of Fun Toy Pack For Cats

Fun toy packs to keep your pet active and engaged - Limited to 3 per customer - While Stocks Last

KONG Kitty KONG Bundle Of Fun Toy Pack For Cats Contains Multiple Toys To Ignite Your Felines Natural Instincts

To stay healthy and happy, cats need to freely express their natural feline behaviours.

Playing with toys will:

  • allow them to perform these natural behaviours
  • keep your cat engaged and physically active
  • help to reduce destructive or nuisance behaviours around the home

It is important that toys satisfy all 5 of your cat’s senses – smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch. Providing your cat with multiple toys, that deliver a wide variety of textures, shapes, sounds, scents and activities, will allow them opportunities to pounce, swat, bat, chase, capture, scratch, lick, bite, problem-solve, and snuggle.

This pack contains:

  • KONG Kitty Kong Toy 
  • KONG Connects Window Teaser Feather Crinkle Catnip Toy 
  • KONG Squeezz Cat Confetti Assorted Colours Bounce Glitter Ball Toy  

KONG Kitty Kong Toy  

  • Provides entertaining mental and physical stimulation
  • The lightweight construction allows the toy to be easily batted, rolled or bounced by your cat
  • Makes playtime more fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats as your cat plays
  • Specifically designed to tap into the natural curiosity and hunting instincts of your cat
  • Encourages your cat to work for food and to exercise
  • Use the toy as an alternative to a food bowl – serve up several small meals per day -helps extend mealtime, slows rapid eating, boredom eating and obesity
  • You can fill the toy with KONG Easy Treat Paste, catnip, dry kibble or any type of treat your cat loves
  • The unpredictable treat dispensing keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned food toy users
  • The treats/food fall out of the toy as your cat moves it with its paws or nose
  • Easy to refill


  • Length: 5.5cm 
  • Top Width: 2cm 
  • Bottom Width: 3.5cm 
  • Treat Dispensing Hole at Top: 0.5cm diameter
  • Treat Dispensing Hole at Bottom: 1.4cm diameter

KONG Connects Window Teaser Feather Crinkle Catnip Toy  

  • Unique, fun toy which is great for independent play
  • Designed for adaptability which allows you to connect the convenient suction cap to multiple surfaces
  • Provides your cat with a great challenge and allows you to customise play time
  • Satisfies your cats’ instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture
  • Affixes to smooth surfaces and the cute, fluffy bird character dangles down from the rod to lure your cat to play
  • Enticing crinkle sound and irresistible textures
  • Contains irresistible KONG Premium North American Catnip that cats adore
  • The cute, colourful bird characters are made of soft, fluffy material with feather tails, and crinkly enticing material inside the body and wings
  • The rod is made of durable plastic and the long cord is stretchy, providing unpredictable movement to play
  • To add to the fun, we will surprise you with the colour of your bird character


  • Pole: 30cm length x 20cm height x 0.6cm width
  • Suction cap: 6.5cm diameter
  • Bird: 8cm x 17cm x 5cm
  • Cord: Approx. 50-60cm

KONG Squeezz Cat Confetti Assorted Colours Bounce Glitter Ball Toy 

  • The toy provides a multi-sensory experience with a range of different fabrics that cats love!
  • The ball is super bouncy and has a rubbery textured surface with fun sparkles covering the outside
  • The curled ribbon and soft fluffy tail will appeal to your cat’s natural instincts to swat and pounce
  • There is a bell hidden inside the ball to add even more excitement to playtime and keep your cat engaged for longer
  • Great for batting, tossing, pouncing, chasing, and capturing
  • Stimulates your cat’s natural stalking and hunting instincts
  • Comes in 2 fun colours - we'll surprise you for extra excitement!!!


  • Ball: 4.5cm diameter
  • Tail: 24cm length x 4cm width
  • Total: Approx. 28cm length 

Toy Selection

  • Only choose toys for your cat that are larger than the cat’s mouth
  • Get to know your cat’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting toys


  • These are interactive toys to use with your cat - they are not chew toys
  • Supervise your cat’s use of this toy - do not leave the toy available for the cat to destroy or eat the toy
  • Frequently inspect the toy and remove the toy from the cat if it damages the toy or tries to swallow pieces of the toy
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged
  • Unfortunately, no cat toy is indestructible – if your cat can quickly and easily damage a toy, then it is not suited to your cat’s play style, and a different toy should be provided  


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