KONG Cloud Soft Inflatable Recovery Protective Collar XLarge For Dogs 50-64cm Neck

KONG Cloud Soft Inflatable Recovery Protective Collar For Dogs Is Comfortable To Wear While Your Pets Injuries Heal
  • A safe and effective way to help heal injuries, rashes, or wounds by preventing your dog from biting, licking, or scratching the affected site
  • The soft, inflatable collar provides your dog with greater visibility, increased range of movement and optimal comfort  
  • Recommended by veterinarians worldwide
  • The clever design allows your dog to eat and drink without obstruction
  • Helps to minimise stress post-surgery and keep your dog at ease  
  • Allows your dog to enjoy their daily walk and exercise routine without interference
  • The increased visibility prevents your dog from bumping their collar into the furniture or walls which can be a very frustrating and scary experience for your pal  
  • The increased range of movement allows your dog to still enjoy playing with their favourite toys
  • Lightweight design - minimises pressure on the neck
  • The collar is safe and comfortable for your dog at night-time to enjoy quality, uninterrupted sleep  
  • Covered in soft polyester material to feel nice against your dog’s neck
  • Easy to use – insert your pet's everyday collar through the inner ring loops of the Cloud Collar, inflate the Cloud Collar, then place your dog's everyday collar around their neck and fasten the velcro strap on the Cloud Collar  
  • The collar is scratch and bite resistant
  • Machine washable – unfasten the zip, remove the inner airbag and clean the cloth on a gentle cycle  


  • 60% PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride, 40% Polyester

Fitting Guide

  • The breeds listed are simply a guide and it is recommended to measure your dog’s neck before purchasing a collar
  • For larger breeds with longer limbs, or breeds in between sizes, always size up


  • Neck Circumference 15 – 20cm
  • Collar Width (when inflated): approx. 5-6cm 
  • Recommended breeds: Toy Breed Dogs and Cats


  • Neck Circumference 18 – 30cm
  • Width: 7-8cm
  • Recommended breeds: Jack Russel, Shi Tzu, Pug


  • Neck Circumference 25 – 36cm
  • Collar Width (when inflated): approx. 8-9cm 
  • Recommended breeds: Border Collie, Spaniel, Beagle


  • Neck Circumference 38 – 51cm
  • Width (when inflated): 10-12cm
  • Recommended breeds: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian


  • Neck Circumference 50 – 64cm
  • Collar Width (when inflated): approx. 13-14cm 
  • Recommended breeds: Rottweiler, Mastiff, Great Dane


  • Always monitor a pet post-surgery to ensure collar is working properly
  • Some pets may be able to maneuver around any collar
  • For larger breeds with longer limbs, or breeds in between sizes, always size up
  • Designed for pet use only
  • Not intended to be used as a flotation device
  • Typically pets require time to adjust to their Cloud collar
  • Supervision is recommended
  • You may want to raise food and water dishes off the ground for easier access
  • Make sure that your pet can not become stuck in tight places (under chairs, between furniture etc)
  • If you have more than one pet, you should separate the pet wearing the Cloud Collar if you are not there to supervise

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