KONG Classic Small Rubber Toy With Cleaning Brush And Peanut Butter Treat Paste Pack For Dogs

KONG Classic Small Rubber Toy With Cleaning Brush And Peanut Butter Treat Paste Pack For Dogs

This KONG pack includes:

  • KONG Classic Small Red Rubber Toy           
  • KONG Brush For Cleaning          
  • KONG Stuff N All Natural Peanut Butter Treat Paste 170gm         


KONG Classic Small Red Rubber Toy

A chewing and food dispensing toy to keep your pooch busy!

  • Uniquely designed to keep dogs mentally and physically engaged
  • Recommended worldwide by Veterinarians, trainers and dog enthusiasts
  • Made with all-natural rubber with a hole through the middle to fill with treats, KONG stuffing, biscuits and pastes, or any rewarding tasty foods
  • After stuffing, it can be frozen to provide a greater, long-lasting challenge
  • The unique KONG shape gives the toy an erratic bounce and rolling movement
  • Great for fun, unpredictable games of bounce, chase and fetch
  • Helps your dog practice focused attention and persistence skills while they have fun hunting their morsels
  • Provides a safe, fun substitute for inappropriate chewing sources like furniture or your shoes
  • Can be used as an aid in crate training, separation anxiety from owners, and deterring naughty behaviour
  • Recommended for: average chewers, dogs weighing up to 9kg


  • Length: 7cm
  • Top Width: 2.5cm 
  • Bottom Width: 4cm 
  • Treat Dispensing Hole at Top: 0.6cm diameter
  • Treat Dispensing Hole at Bottom: 1.8cm diameter


KONG  Cleaning Brush          

  • This super cute cleaning brush is a replica of the iconic KONG Classic toys
  • It has specially shaped, flexible, and scratch-free bristles that work like a toothbrush for treat toys
  • This brush efficiently removes leftover treats from all KONG Classic toys, ranging from S-XXL
  • It’s also great for any other treat-dispensing toys that require cleaning
  • It’s designed for easy use - simply insert the brush into the dirty toy, twist, and scrub away any remaining food
  • When you're finished cleaning, just rinse, shake and dry the brush ready for next time
  • This brush is antimicrobial, mould-resistant, and BPA-free, so you can use it with confidence knowing it isn’t harmful to your pet
  • Note that the brush is not dishwasher safe, so it's important to wash it by hand


  • 18cm length x 3cm width at the widest point


KONG Stuff N All Natural Peanut Butter Treat Paste   

  • This KONG Stuff'N treat paste is crafted using high-quality, all-natural ingredients to provide a safe and healthy snack for your pet
  • Entices your pet with the irresistible flavour of real, mouth-watering peanut butter
  • Perfect for filling KONG classic dog toys, enhancing regular feeding, or hiding medication—making treatment much easier and enjoyable
  • Comes in a convenient, easy-to-dispense squeeze tube with a long and narrow nozzle, allowing precise portion control and mess-free application
  • Encourages chewing activity which aids in cleaning teeth and massaging gums, contributing to overall dental health
  • Trust in the quality and safety standards of a product that is proudly made in the USA
  • Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that contribute to your pet's overall health and well-being
  • Keeps your pets entertained and busy for hours when stuffed in KONG toys, which can reduce boredom and help prevent separation anxiety
  • Please note that this treat paste is meant to be used as a complementary food treat, not a replacement for a balanced and varied diet

  Toy Selection

  • Only choose toys for your dog that are larger than the dog's mouth
  • Choose a size that allows them to get their mouth around the toy 
  • Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting toys


  • This is an interactive toy to use with your dog - supervise your dog’s use  
  • Do not leave the toy available for the dog to destroy or eat  
  • Frequently inspect the toy and remove it from the dog if they damage or swallow small pieces of the toy
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged
  • Unfortunately, no dog toy is indestructible – if your dog can quickly and easily damage a toy, then it is not suited to your dog’s play style, and a different toy should be provided  
  • If you have a multiple-dog home, take extra care to keep large dogs away from smaller toys

KONG Stuff N All Natural Peanut Butter Treat Paste For Dogs 170gm

Directions for Use

  • Knead tube to mix the Peanut Butter
  • Unscrew cap
  • Screw on the red extended nozzle
  • Insert the end of the nozzle into the large hole of your KONG toy and squeeze a small ring of the Peanut Butter paste around the inside wall
  • Remember that this paste is very delicious and a little bit goes a long way!
  • Clean the nozzle and replace the cap after use




KONG Stuff N All Natural Peanut Butter Treat Paste 170gm


  • Peanuts, Palm Oil, Flaxseed

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein (min) 23%
  • Crude Fat (min) 49%
  • Crude Fibre (max) 10%
  • Moisture (max) 4%
  • Ash (max) 4%

Calorie Content (Calculated)

  • 5837kcal ME/kg
  • 5.8 kcal/gm
  • Serving Size: 2.5gm (0.5 tsp)