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Kiwi Kitchens Raw Freeze Dried Venison Liver Grain Free Treats For Dogs 250gm

Kiwi Kitchens Raw Freeze Dried Grain Free Treats For Dogs Are Nutrient Packed Flavour Sensations That Your Pet Will Adore

Reward your dog with the exceptional taste and nutrition of Kiwi Kitchens Raw Freeze Dried Venison Liver Treats, a grain-free, all-natural canine delight made from the finest venison liver, sourced from the pristine environments of New Zealand

  • High-Quality Venison Liver: Features premium venison liver from New Zealand, known for its high protein and nutrient content

  • Freeze-Dried for Freshness: Utilizes freeze-drying to lock in the natural flavours and nutrients, ensuring maximum freshness and taste

  • Grain-Free Treat: Ideal for dogs with grain allergies or those on a grain-free diet


  • Nutrient-rich: A great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, supporting overall health and vitality

  • Ideal for Rewards: Perfect as a tasty reward or as a training aid for your dog

  • Single-Ingredient Quality: Contains only venison liver, free from additives, preservatives, or fillers, for a pure and healthy treat


  • Easy to Serve: Conveniently freeze-dried, these treats are easy to store and serve

  • Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing: Reflects a commitment to responsible and sustainable sourcing practices in New Zealand

Feeding Guide

  • These treats are intended to be fed as a snack or reward

  • Serve treats responsibly as part of a complete and balanced diet

Recommended Daily Feeding Guide



Dog Weight

Treats Per Day

Tiny Dog - 2.3kg

1 Treat

Small Dog - 9kg

3 Treats

Medium Dog - 22kg

6 Treats

Large Dpg - 45kg

10 Treats


Safe Handling Guide

  • Kiwi Kitchens Freeze Dried Treats are Raw Treats

  • Every precaution is taken to ensure this treat is safe for your pet and your family

  • However, please keep separate from other food and wash hands and surfaces after handling


Venison Liver

Guaranteed Analysis 

Min. Crude Protein: 62% 

Min. Crude Fat: 10% 

Max. Crude Ash: 6%

Max. Crude Fibre: 3% 

Max. Moisture: 5% 

Min. Copper (mg/kg): 200

Min Vitamin A (IU/kg): 225,000

Min. Thiamine (mg/kg): 20

Min. Riboflavin (mg/kg): 50

Min. Vitamin B12 (mg/kg): 1.5

Calorie Content (calculated) 

4100 kcal/kg ME 

217 kcal/cup ME