Kitter Double Sieve Litter Tray And Scoop With Hood For Cats

Kitter Double Sieve Tray Set With Hood For Cats

Double Tray 

  • Designed specifically for use with wood pellet litter
  • This system allows the litter to be regularly “turned over” with fresh litter always being added to the top.
  • The tray is made up of two parts, - a solid based bottom tray, and a top sieve tray, that allows the soiled litter to be shaken through and caught by the solid based tray.
  • It will extend the period of use for each kilogram of litter, as a lesser amount of wet litter will be removed and replaced at each litter change
  • Odour from the litter box is further reduced because the soiled litter is separated from the fresh litter every day
  • Removes the need to do complete daily litter box changes
  • Any fine litter particles will drop down into the base tray, so there is no tracking of dusty litter out of the tray onto your floors
  • The litter tray will retain its fresh, just changed look, for longer.
  • Made from durable plastic, with a smooth surface finish, for easy cleaning


  • Each tray is approximately  345 mm wide  x 440 mm high  x 125 mm  deep


  • Provides privacy for your cat, while helping to stop those accidents that can end up on the floor !
  • The hood sits down inside the rim of the litter tray, so misdirected urine can run down into the litter tray, rather than over the edge of the tray
  • Helps to prevent litter spills from the tray
  • Convenient handle for easy removal and placement of the hood on and off the tray
  • Made from durable plastic 
  • Suitable for most cats

Hood Dimensions (approx.)

  • Width (when sitting inside the tray):33cm
  • Length (when sitting inside the tray): 42cm
  • Height (that it sits above the litter box): 30cm
  • Bottom lip length (sits inside the edge of the litter box): 4cm

Hood Door Way Dimensions (approx.)

  • Bottom Width: 19cm
  • Top Width: 16cm
  • Height: 20cm

Setting Up the Tray

  • Put approximately 2 cm depth of Kitter in the top sieve tray
  • Put a small amount ( 2 – 3 handfuls) of Kitter in the solid base tray
  • Sit the sieve tray on top of the solid base tray, and the litter tray is ready for use.

Daily Maintenance

  • When the top litter tray has been soiled, remove the solid waste with a scoop, then shake the tray to allow the liquid waste soiled litter to pass through the sieve into the solid base tray below.

Regular Maintenance

  • Remove the top sieve layer from the tray
  • Discard all used litter from the solid base tray and clean
  • If needed, after cleaning, the solid base tray can be treated with a urine odour removal product, before Kitter is added to the tray
  • Add a small amount of Kitter from the top sieve tray to the solid base tray
  • Add 1 – 2 scoops of Kitter to the top sieve tray
  • Sit the sieve tray on top of the solid base tray, and the litter tray is ready for use again

Complete Clean

  • Do every 2 – 3 weeks, or more frequently if needed
  • Discard all litter from both trays and clean
  • After cleaning, the trays can be treated with a urine odour removal product, before Kitter is added to the trays
  • Set up as previously directed

Helpful Hint!

The effectiveness and lasting qualities, of a tray of any cat litter, can be maximised by:

  • Feeding premium, highly digestible, quality cat diets which reduce the volume of waste produced by your cat
  • Regularly removing portions of soiled waste from the litter tray using a litter scoop

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