Kit Cat Sprinkles Deodorising Beads For Litter Lavender For Cats 240gm

Kit Cat Sprinkles Deodorising Litter Beads For Cats Refreshes Your Cats Litter Tray
  • These litter sprinkles are designed to pour on top of your cat’s litter to keep it smelling fresh
  • A quick, easy way to eliminate unpleasant odours
  • The beads are effective at absorbing odours due to their porous molecular form
  • The intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted by changing the number of beads you place in the litter
  • Dust free - keeps areas surrounding the litter clean
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • Suitable for use with all cat litters
  • Safe for cats and other small animals
  • Presented in a cute container with a screw-open lid
  • Available in a range of different scents


  • Each bead is approx. 4mm diameter
  • Container: 12.5cm height x 7cm width 


  • Test a small amount of beads at first to see how your cat reacts
  • If the beads are unsuitable for your cat, discontinue use
  • Do not place near food, toys, bed, etc
  • Avoid contact with eyes - in case of contact, flush thoroughly with water

Directions for Use

  • Sprinkle evenly over the litter box
  • Adjust amount according to the size of the box
  • Be sure to tightly seal the bottle after every use
  • Use deodorising beads after every scoop of litter for a refreshing scent
  • Avoid flushing into the toilet to prevent clogging

Active Ingredient

Silica Gel

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