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Kazoo Wombat Massager Medium Ergonomic Bed For Dogs

Kazoo Wombat Massager Ergonomic Bed For Dogs Is A Cosy And Attractive Bed That Will Help Support Your Pet's Joints
  • The Kazoo Wombat Massager Bed is designed with your pet's comfort in mind

  • Its plush and soft interior provides a cozy and snug environment for your pet to relax and sleep in

  • The bed is topped with a unique micro-fibre nodule top layer, offering a gentle, textured surface that provides a calming, sensory experience for your dog, enhancing relaxation and comfort


  • It's perfect for pets who love to burrow or nestle into their bedding

  • Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, this bed is built to withstand the daily wear and tear of pet use

  • The bed features a supportive and cushioned base, offering optimal comfort for pets of all ages, including those with joint or muscle issues


  • Equipped with a removable cover, the Kazoo Wombat Massager Bed is easy to clean and maintain

  • The cover can be machine washed, ensuring a hygienic sleep environment for your pet

  • With its sleek and modern design, this bed is not only a comfortable spot for your pet but also a stylish addition to your home decor


Dimensions (approximate)

  • Width 76cm x Depth 61cm x Height 15cm