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Kazoo Tuff Woogie Blue Treat Dispenser Rubber Large Dental Toy For Dogs

Kazoo Dental Woogie Treat Dispenser Toy For Dogs Can Be Filled With Delicious Morsels To Make Playtime More Exciting

This is the ultimate all-in-one treat, chase and dental toy!

  • The Woogie is made of thick, durable rubber  
  • It feels comfortable to hold in the mouth, and is gentle on the gums and teeth
  • It has recessed channels and raised nubs on the outer surface to promote an abrasive dental cleaning action as your dog’s teeth and gums rub against the toy while they play
  • The bumps also provide a gentle, soothing massage of the gums – this provides great relief for teething puppies!
  • There is a hollow chamber that runs through the middle, opening up into a round shaped treat hole on the bottom of the toy
  • You can stuff the toy with your dog’s favourite treats, kibble, or delicious paste
  • Place the toy in the freezer with the treats and paste inside to prolong playtime and to create a greater, long-lasting challenge!
  • You can even smear delicious paste or doggy toothpaste in the recessed channels on the outer surface 
  • Treat toys are a great way to promote both mental and physical stimulation and gets your pal working hard to earn their reward
  • The textured surface allows your dog to get a good grip of the toy during fetch games
  • Easy to rinse off dirt, mud, and grass under the tap after use 


  • Small: 7cm height x 5cm diameter (top hole: 7mm diameter, bottom hole: 1.6cm diameter)
  • Medium: 8.5cm height x 6cm diameter (top hole: 7mm diameter, bottom hole: 1.7cm diameter)
  • Large: 10.5cm height x 7.5cm diameter (top hole: 7mm diameter, bottom hole: 1.9cm diameter)
  • XLarge: 12.8cm height x 8cm diameter (top hole: 7mm diameter, bottom hole: 2.3cm diameter

Toy Selection

  • Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting a toy - it is not for strong chewers
  • If used correctly, this toy is durable and strong


  • This is an interactive toy to use with your dog
  • Do not leave the toy available for your dog to destroy or eat - supervise your dog's use of the toy
  • Remove the toy from your dog if they damage it or try to swallow small pieces
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged 
  • Unfortunately, no dog toy is indestructible – if your dog can quickly and easily damage a toy, then it is not suited to your dog’s play style, and a different toy should be provided