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Kazoo Premium Pet Travel Collapsible Medium Crate with Carry Bag for Dogs and Cats

Kazoo Premium Pet Travel Collapsible Crate with Carry Bag Combines Convenience with Comfort and Durability
  • Portable Design for Travel: Ideal for pet owners who love to take their pets along, this travel crate can be easily taken and set up anywhere, ensuring your pet is always by your side

  • Quick Pop-Up Setup: Designed for convenience, the crate pops up in seconds, making it perfect for quick and hassle-free use in new places

  • Furniture-Grade Fabric for Comfort: Made with furniture-grade fabrics, it provides a safe and comfortable environment for your pet, even in unfamiliar surroundings


  • Suitable for Various Adventures: Whether it's a beachy road trip or a sleepover with furry friends, this travel crate is versatile for all kinds of excursions, eliminating the need to leave your pet behind

  • Water and UV Resistant Oxford Fabric: Constructed from 600D Oxford fabric, it's both water and UV-resistant, ensuring durability and protection in different weather conditions


  • Collapsible with Carry Bag: The crate is collapsible and comes with a carry bag, making it easy to store and transport

  • Mesh Windows for Ventilation: Equipped with mesh windows on all sides, it ensures good airflow, keeping your pet cool and comfortable


Size Guide

  • This size is suitable for medium dogs such as Cats, Cocker Spaniels, and Border Collies

  • Ideal Pet Length: 66cm

  • Ideal Pet Height: 51cm


Dimensions (approximate)

  • 76cm length x 56cm width x 61cm height


*Please note, the manufacturer may update the product's packaging, design, appearance, and texture, which could result in variations from the current version