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Kazoo Peacock Calming Bed Rose Machine Washable Plush Medium Indoor Dog and Cat Bed

Kazoo Peacock Bed Rose Machine Washable Plush Indoor Dog and Cat Bed is a Perfect Combination of Style Comfort and Practicality
  • Striking Aesthetics: The Peacock Bed boasts eye-catching good looks, enhancing the appeal of any space it occupies

  • Calming Effect for Anxiety Relief: Specifically designed to alleviate anxiety, this bed uses a special type of faux fur that mimics real fur, providing a calming and soothing effect for pets

  • Nostalgic Comfort: The soft, high walls of the bed offer a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the comforting experience of snuggling with a mother and siblings, instilling a feeling of security and warmth


  • Enhanced Design with High Edges: The latest model features even higher edges, giving pets a more enclosed and safe space to relax and feel secure

  • Removable and Washable Cover: Maintenance is made easy with a removable cover, ensuring the bed stays clean and hygienic with minimal effort

  • Ideal for Nervous Pets: The bed's design, with its high raised edges, super soft padding, and comforting fabric, provides a secure environment for them to burrow and snuggle, promoting a sense of protection, comfort, and safety


Cleaning Guide

The cover is fully removable for easy washing

  • Unzip the cover and remove the inner foam sections (keep aside)

  • Gentle machine wash in cool water using mild detergent

  • Air dry - do not tumble dry as this may cause the cover to shrink


Dimensions (approximate)

  • Medium: 64cm width x 64cm depth x 18cm height


*Please note, the manufacturer may update the product's packaging, design, appearance, and texture, which could result in variations from the current version