Kazoo Lamington Snuggle Winter Dog Coat Black White XXLarge 72.5cm

Kazoo Lamington Reversible Snuggle Dog Coat Will Keep Your Pal Warm And Cosy Over Winter
  • This funky polka dot coat is superb for dogs that love a soft and cosy feel for snoozing around the home during the cold winter months
  • The coat provides great range of movement, warmth, and comfort for long walks in the early crisp mornings and chilly nights
  • The exterior of the jumper is made of soft, flexible cotton material
  • The inside has a super soft plush lining for ultimate cosiness
  • The fabric folds over the rear to keep your pup's bottom warm
  • Features two adjustable velcro flaps to keep the coat firmly in place – one around the chest and the other around the girth  
  • Each side of the jumper has a different pattern and colour scheme  
  • The material is flexible and light-weight, making it a fantastic option for dogs who like to feel free
  • Worried about toilet-breaks? This jumper tackles that problem with a convenient unisex cut underneath to allow your canine to go to the bathroom without any garment obstruction
  • There is also a hole for you to connect your dog’s lead to their collar through the coat
  • Easy to clean – simply machine wash in cold water
  • Available in various sizes to best suit your dog's shape 
  • Designed in Australia


Size Guide

  • The length is measured from the back of your dog’s neck to the base of their tail
  • It is important to measure your dog before purchasing a Kazoo Jumper 
  • The recommended breeds are simply a guide 



Recommended Breeds


27cm length

Maltese, Silky Terrier


33.5cm length

Pug, Pomeranian


40cm length

Cavalier King Charles


46.5cm length

Cocker Spaniel


53cm length

Border Collie, Boxer, Boxer, Dalmatian


59.5cm length

Siberian Husky, Labrador


66cm length

German Shepherd, Golden Retriever



Rottweiler, Irish Setter, Great Dane