Kazoo Healthy Gums Rubber Sling Ball With Rope Assorted Colour Medium Toy For Dogs

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Kazoo Healthy Gums Rubber Sling Ball With Rope Toy For Dogs Is Fantastic For Fetch And Chase Games To Wear Off All That Pent Up Energy
  • The toy is fantastic for fetch and tug games with active canines!  
  • Swing the ball using the rope to get momentum, release it, and watch it fly through the sky!!
  • It has an incredible bounce to keep your pal on their toes
  • The looped handle allows you to get a great grip during tug-of-war battles
  • The rope also allows you to pick up the toy without touching the slimy ball!
  • The ball is made of high density, natural rubber, and the rope is braided for extra strength
  • It feels comfortable to hold in the mouth and is gentle on the teeth and gums
  • It has bumps on the outer surface, combined with added calcium, to help clean your dog’s teeth and gums while they play!
  • The bumps also allow your dog to get a good grip on the ball during fetch games
  • The bright colour makes it easy for your pal to find in the tall grass
  • To top it off, there is an exciting jingle bell inside the ball to grab your dog's attention and keep them engaged in play
  • Easy to rinse off dirt, mud, and grass under the tap after use 
  • Not suitable for water play – it may sink!
  • We will surprise you with the colour of your toy as a fun surprise
  • Not suitable for gladiator jaws



  • Total: 40cm length x 1-5cm width
  • Rope: 36cm length x 1cm width 
  • Ball: 5cm diameter 


  • Total: 45cm length x 1-5.5cm width 
  • Rope: 40cm length x 1cm width 
  • Ball: 5.5cm diameter


  • Total: 48cm x 1-7cm width 
  • Rope: 41cm length x 1cm width 
  • Ball: 7cm diameter


  • Total: 54cm x 1-7cm width 
  • Rope: 47cm length x 1cm width 
  • Ball: 9cm diameter

Toy Selection

  • Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting a toy - it is not for strong chewers
  • If used correctly, this toy is durable and strong


  • This is an interactive toy to use with your dog
  • Do not leave the toy available for your dog to destroy or eat - supervise your dog's use of the toy
  • Remove the toy from your dog if they damage it or try to swallow small pieces
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged 
  • Unfortunately, no dog toy is indestructible – if your dog can quickly and easily damage a toy, then it is not suited to your dog’s play style, and a different toy should be provided  


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