Kazoo Grooming Flea Comb For Dogs

Kazoo Green And Grey Flea Comb For Dogs Is A Great Grooming Tool To Keep Your Best Looking Their Best
  • This highly effective flea comb is specially designed to remove fleas and fine debris in your dog’s coat
  • The teeth are extremely close together which is perfect for removing tiny matter in the coat
  • Eradicates fleas and flea eggs
  • Removes loose hair and dirt
  • Eliminates knots and tangles and teases out small hair mats
  • Ensures your dog’s coat remains aligned and healthy
  • Combing your dog’s coat releases natural oils in the hair which creates a healthy, shiny coat
  • Grooming your dog provides an opportunity for you to bond with each other and develop a stronger relationship
  • Ideal for removing fleas in puppies who aren’t old enough yet for other flea treatment
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and hold
  • Designed for efficiency and comfort
  • Stylish design with attractive colours


  • 20cm x 4cm x 4cm
  • The teeth are spaced 1mm apart

Directions for use

  • Before using a flea comb, it is recommended that you comb out your dog’s coat with appropriate grooming tools, with wider spaced teeth, to remove knots, mats and tangles
  • To avoid an uncomfortable experience for your dog, there should be no resistance when combing through your dog’s coat before using the flea comb
  • Stroke in the direction of the fur to remove fleas, flea eggs, flea dirt and dead hair
  • Rinse the comb in a bucket of soapy, hot water frequently during use
  • Comb your whole dog’s body, focusing on the belly, under the chin and tail where fleas tend to flock 
  • Leave the bucket stand for 15 minutes to let the fleas die


  • It is recommended to groom your dog’s coat using a tool with wider-spaced teeth before using a flea comb
  • You must be able to run a regular comb through the coat with no hassle before using a flea comb
  • Do not pull excessively on your dog’s hair as this may cause anxiety and pain

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