Kazoo Grooming Ball Tipped Soft Slicker Brush For Cats

Kazoo Green And Grey Ball Tipped Soft Slicker Brush For Cats Is A Great Grooming Tool To Keep Your Best Looking Their Best
  • An excellent brush for removing loose hair and undercoat of your cat
  • The unique ‘Ball-Tipped’ nylon pins are specially designed for removing knots and matted hair gently
  • The nylon pins are relatively soft and flexible, suitable for most cat breeds
  • Regular brushing will decrease the quantity of knots and tangles in your cat’s coat
  • Grooming your cat provides an opportunity for you to bond with each other and develop a stronger relationship
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and hold
  • Designed for efficiency and comfort
  • Stylish design with attractive colours


  • 17.5cm x 9cm x 5.5cm


  • Do not excessively pull on your cat’s hair, as this may cause stress and pain
  • Brush in small sections of the coat
  • Brush in the direction of the coat
  • In the case of intense matting, it is recommended to use a de-matting tool or knot remover
  • Cats with extremely thick fur may need a slicker brush with stainless steel pins to penetrate the density of the fur

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