Kazoo Easy Groom Dog Clipper

Kazoo Easy Groom Dog Clipper Is A Powerful Lightweight And Precise Groomer For Clipping And Trimming Your Pet
  • A great electric tool for fast and simple clipping and trimming of your dog’s hair
  • Specially created for use in the home
  • Great for dog owners who have dogs that need to be trimmed and groomed often
  • Contains a powerful ‘Pivot Motor’ which can clip and trim hair for almost all breeds of dog
  • Draws upon superior blade technology and clips and trims cleanly
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Quiet sound keeps your dog relaxed during the grooming process
  • The unique side-lever blade adjustment lets you quickly reposition the blade for various hair lengths across your dog’s coat  
  • Makes minimal noise which is calming for your dog
  • Easy to use

Pack Includes

  • Dog Groomer 2600
  • Attachment Combs (3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm)
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Cleaning Brush 



  • Working voltage: AC 240V
  • Working electric current: 0.6 - 1.0A
  • Pivot speed with blade: 3000+/-200rpm

Power Plug

  • Input: AC 240V 50Hz
  • Output: AC 240V, 600-1000mA
  • Power: 15W


  • This is a precision cutting instrument and must be treated with care
  • The blades are sharp and will remain sharp if your dog's hair is clean, dry, and tangle-free before use
  • Tangle-free means that you should be able to run a comb through the coat without it getting caught after washing and drying
  • Disconnect power adaptor from the power source when cleaning and maintaining the device
  • Do not use the device if you have wet hands
  • Do not use the device in a wet or damp environment
  • Connect power adaptor only to 240V power source 
  • Do not allow the power cord to become twisted or squashed 
  • Clean the case with a lightly damped cloth diluted with a mild soap solution 
  • Lubricate the blade with a drop of oil provided at the five points as indicated in the manual 

Before Use

  1. Wash - it is vital that your dog's coat has been well washed and conditioned before trimming and there should be no dirt or debris in the coat, as this may cause the blade to lose its sharpness
  2. Dry - it is vital that your dog's coat is properly dry before trimming, as a wet coat can cause the trimmer blade to malfunction in the wet hair, making it hard to cut
  3. Comb - It is vital that your dog's coat is tangle free before trimming, as knots and tangles can interfere with the trimmer from moving through your dog's coat
  4. Clip – Following steps 1-3, your dog is now ready to be trimmed 

When using guide combs

  • Decide the length of cut required
  • Select the appropriate guide comb and place into the trimmer as shown in the product manual
  • To remove the comb, slide forward the plastic spring and disengage 

How to operate

  • The device has an adjustment lever on the left side that can be used to vary the cutting length between 1-3mm
  • Ensure the device is switched off, then connect it to a power source
  • Switch the device on using the side On/Off switch 

Blade Care

  • It is important that before, during and after trimming that the trimmer blade is oiled
  • Regular oiling of the blade provides lubrication and a pleasant cut 
  • Oiling eliminates the formation of rust which may damage the blade edge which can make trimming harder and uncomfortable for your dog 

How to charge battery

  • Ensure the device switch is in the off position
  • Insert the power cord plug into socket located at base of the device
  • Charge battery for 8-10 hours
  • Charging indicator light will remain on until disconnected from power source
  • The battery can last up to 60 minutes once fully charged


  • Disconnect the device from power source
  • Press and push blade off the device, being careful not to cut yourself with the blade
  • To stop the blade from falling off, use your other hand to support the blade from underneath, as dropping the blade may cause damage to the cutting edge
  • Brush away any hair from the blade cavity with the cleaning brush 
  • Re-oil blade at five oiling points with a drop of oil at each point as shown in the product manual 
  • Re-connect the blade to the device 

Removing blade

  • Loosen and remove the 2 screws on the front of the comb plate
  • Remove the comb plate
  • Disconnect cutting blade from the drive lever and remove the blade cavity
  • Clean clipper cavity with provided brush thoroughly before re-attaching the new cutting blade

Re-attaching blade

  • Place the new cutting blade into the wedge-shaped opening and press down so the drive lever engages
  • Ensure the 2 metal side pins engage into the left and right-hand side of the plastic tab attached to the cutting blade
  • Position the comb plate on top of the cutting blade
  • Press the comb plate down and loosely tighten the 2 screws
  • Align the comb plate so that there is a 0.5mm clearance between the front edge of the cutting blade and comb plate

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