Kazoo Classic Nylon Reflective Walking Harness Without Chest Plate Aqua XLarge For Dogs 66-105cm Girth x 25mm

Kazoo Classic Nylon Walking Harness Aqua For Dogs Is Comfortable For Your Pal And Allows You To Enjoy Pleasant Walks Together

This harness is fantastic for dogs who prefer a more simple, streamlined design that allows them to walk, run, jump, and play with no obstructions. It includes a narrow neoprene padded strap that runs down the chest, keeping your dog comfortable and unrestricted. The lightweight, sleek design is also fantastic for the warmer summer months by allowing airflow to the chest region when wearing the harness. Finally, it also allows for quick fitting so you can get out the door and off on adventures with your pal in no time!

  • Durable, high-quality and effectively discourages pulling to provide greater control over your dog
  • Easy to fit and to use – simply place the harness on the ground, place your dog’s 2 front feet in the 2 holes, lift the straps up and clip the buckle closed across their back
  • Attach your dog’s lead to the metal D-rings and you are ready to go off on an adventure with your pal!
  • The harness sits securely and comfortably on your dog and does not interfere with collars
  • Made of strong and durable nylon webbing material
  • Rounded plastic buckle and flexible straps contour nicely to your dog’s shape for a snug fit
  • The plastic buckle is quick and easy to open and close
  • The chest strap is padded with soft neoprene material for extra comfort
  • Reflective yarn is woven into the nylon straps for night-time visibility to ensure your dog can be seen in lowlight conditions such as walking at dusk or in rain.  The yarn reflects any light such as a torch, streetlamp, or headlight
  • Includes durable metal D rings for strong and stable leash attachment – the double ring design provides extra strength
  • The harness can be easily adjusted in two places to ensure the best fit


  • Plastic hardware, nickel plated metal, reflective stitching, nylon webbing, neoprene padding

Suggested Fitting


  • Girth size: 32-48cm
  • Strap width: 12mm


  • Girth size: 42 – 68cm
  • Strap width: 15mm


  • Girth size: 56 – 85cm    
  • Strap width: 20mm


  • Girth size: 66 – 105cm
  • Strap width: 25mm


  1. Unclip the plastic buckle and allow your dog to step into the harness with the padded section on the chest of your dog
  2. Adjust the length of the straps and wrap up onto the upper back of your dog to clip up
  3. Re-adjust the tightness of the straps to a comfortable tightness for your dog
  4. Attach your own dog lead to the silver metal D-rings on the top of the dog harness
  5. You are now ready to go for a relaxing and controlled walk with your dog!

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