Kazoo Classic Nylon Reflective Walking Harness Mint Small 38-53cm Girth For Dogs

Kazoo Classic Nylon Walking Harness For Dogs Gives You Greater Control Over Your Hound
  • This durable, soft and comfortable harness is perfect for controlled, pleasant walks with your dog 
  • The stylish design can be accessorised with a matching collar and lead
  • Fast and easy fit - your dog simply steps into the harness, you then click the buckle closed over their back, attach your lead and you are ready to go
  • The harness will not interfere with or tangle collars
  • Prevents choking caused by pulling and pressure around the neck
  • This harness is designed to be attached around the upper back of your dog
  • The harness contours to your dog’s shape for a firm and comfortable fit
  • Includes two strong, silver, nickel plated D-rings which come together for strong and stable leash attachment on your dog’s upper back
  • The sturdy plastic clip sits underneath the metal D-rings and allows you to clip the harness closed quickly and securely
  • The adjustable straps are made with tough nylon material
  • Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night-time visibility- ensures that your dog is visible in lowlight conditions such as walking at dusk or in rain, the yarn reflects any light such as a torch, streetlamp or headlight
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Fully adjustable around the girth and chest
  • Easy to fit on your dog and to attach your lead
  • Easy to clean


  • Nylon webbing, nickel plated metal, reflective yarn, Acetyl Plastic Components




Chest Plate

Girth Size

Suggested Breeds*


15mm width

20.5cm length x 4.5-7cm width


Pomeranian, Jack Russel, Cavalier King Charles


20mm width

30.5cm length x 6.5-10.5cm width


Beagle, Border Collie, Boxer


20mm width

32cm length x 6-11cm width  


Dalmatian, Border Collie, Scottish Terrier


25mm width

41cm length x 7-12cm width


Labrador, German Shepherd, American Bulldog

  • * Note dog breeds are just a guide and it is recommended to measure your dog’s girth before purchasing a harness 
  • The widest part of the chest plate sits at the top of your dog's chest 


  1. Unclip the plastic clip and allow your dog to step into the harness with the padded section on the chest of your dog
  2. Adjust the length of the straps and wrap around onto the upper back of your dog to clip up
  3. Re-adjust the tightness of the straps to a comfortable tightness for your dog
  4. Attach your own dog lead to the silver metal d-rings on the top of the dog harness
  5. You are now ready to go for a relaxing and controlled walk with your dog!

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