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Kazoo Cave Stormy Grey Medium Bed For Dogs And Cats

Kazoo Cave Stormy Grey Winter Bed For Dogs Is A Cosy Place For Your Pet To Sleep
  • This comfy bed will keep your dog warm and snug all year round
  • The bed has a high-wall design - great for pets that love to curl up while they sleep
  • The high walls can help to promote a sense of protection and security
  • Contains a cosy, removable cushion for extra comfort 
  • The inside of the cushion is filled with a layer of memory foam, combined with soft plush stuffing
  • There is a handy zipper on the cushion that allows you to separate the cover for easy washing
  • The cushion has a different texture on each side
  • One side is covered in plush material – great for the cold winter months
  • The other side is covered in durable canvas material – ideal for warmer summer weather
  • The frame of the bed is covered in durable, water-resistant canvas material - perfect for indoor or outdoor undercover use
  • The walls of the frame are filled with dense memory foam
  • The frame has a zipper which allows you to remove the cover to machine wash
  • The material underneath the base of the bed is also covered in canvas material
  • The bed can be positioned neatly into corners of the house or in crates
  • The modern colour scheme will look great in any home
  • Easy to clean- simply unzip the covers of both the cushion and frame, then place the covers in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using mild detergent

Dimensions (approx.)


  • Total: 57cm length x 46cm width x 22cm height
  • Sleeping Area: 50cm length x 38cm width
  • Height of front entrance: 11cm
  • Walls: 22cm height x 4cm thick
  • Inner cushion: 52cm length x 36cm width x 12cm thick


  • Total: 73cm length x 55cm width x 27cm height
  • Sleeping Area: 66cm length x 48cm width
  • Height of front entrance: 12cm height
  • Walls: 27cm height x 4.5cm thick
  • Inner cushion: 68cm length x 50cm width x 12cm thick


  • Total: 83cm length x 65cm width x 29cm height
  • Sleeping Area: 75cm length x 59cm width
  • Height of front entrance: 14cm height
  • Walls: 29cm height x 4.5cm thick
  • Inner cushion: 77cm length x 60cm width x 10cm thick


  • Total: 92cm length x 73cm width x 32cm height
  • Sleeping Area: 87cm length x 65cm width
  • Height of front entrance: 16cm height
  • Walls: 32cm height x 4.5cm thick
  • Inner cushion: 85cm length x 67cm width x 12cm thick


  • It is important to measure your dog before purchasing a bed
  • It is recommended to select a bed that is 20cm longer than your pet – if in doubt, select a larger bed to give your pet space to stretch out
  • The bed is flexible, therefore dimensions may differ slightly depending on how you position the bed
  • If used properly, this bed is durable and strong

Cleaning Guide

  • The pillow cover is fully removable for easy washing
  • Unzip cover and remove inner foam sections (keep aside)
  • Gentle machine wash in cool water using mild detergent
  • Air dry - do not tumble dry as this may cause the cover to shrink

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