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Kazoo Car Boot Liner Universal Easy Fit Non Slip Car Accessory For Dogs

Kazoo Car Boot Liner Universal Easy Fit Non Slip Car Accessory For Dogs is A Must Have for Pet Owners Who Love to Travel with Their Furry Friends
  • Universal Fit for All Car Models: Designed to easily fit into any car model without the need for special tools, making it a versatile choice for all vehicle owners

  • Easy Maintenance: The liner is simple to remove, wash, and fold away when not in use, ensuring your car stays clean and the liner remains in top condition

  • Non-Slip Design for Stability: Features a non-slip backing and velcro, preventing the liner from sliding around in the boot, which keeps your pet safe and the liner in place


  • Convenient Zip-Down Middle Section: The zip-down middle section allows for flexible use, accommodating different car boot layouts and sizes

  • Handy Storage Pockets: Equipped with two storage pockets, providing a convenient place to store all your pet's travel essentials, keeping things organized and accessible

  • Protects from Mess and Damage: This liner safeguards your car boot from muddy paws, shedding fur, and odours, ensuring your vehicle stays clean even after adventurous trips


  • Comfortable Padding: Not only does it protect your car, but it also provides comfortable padding for your pet, making car rides more enjoyable for them

  • Zippable Carry Bag Included: Comes with a convenient zippable carry bag for easy storage and transport


Dimensions (approximate)

  • 185cm width x 218cm height


*Please note, the manufacturer may update the product's packaging, design, appearance, and texture, which could result in variations from the current version