Kazoo Aquarium Metallic Shine Plastic Plant Large Leaf Assorted Colours XLarge For Fish Tank

Kazoo Aquarium Metallic Plastic Plant Large Leaf For Fish Tanks Is A Fantastic Decoration For Your Fishy Friend

A beautiful plant ornament to add some spark to your fish tank!

  • An easy way to add colour or change the appearance of your tank
  • Ideal for foreground highlights creating a three-dimensional lush aquarium landscape
  • Adding detailed ornaments to your aquarium creates a nurturing and comforting environment for your fishy friend
  • Secure the plant by placing the weighted base into the gravel of your tank and cover
  • The leaves are incredibly life-like and made of durable plastic material
  • The stunning mix of colours will look fantastic in your tank
  • The base is made of small rocks with a smooth, moulded bottom and sides
  • Each plant is individually hand-crafted to add a unique, realistic touch
  • Non-toxic and safe for freshwater or saltwater marine life
  • Suitable for aquariums, ponds and terrariums
  • We will select the colour of your plant at random as a fun surprise


  • Plant: 40cm height
  • Base: 10cm length x 7cm width x 2cm height


  • Clean plants occasionally by rinsing under a warm tap and wipe clean with a soft cloth