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JW Insight Millet Spray Holder Food Accessory for Birds

JW Insight Millet Spray Holder Food Accessory for Birds Is A Versatile Addition Which Will Enhance Your Bird's Environment
  • Foraging Fun: Designed with your feathered friend's well-being in mind, millet treats stimulate your pet bird's natural foraging instincts, turning snack time into an enriching adventure

  • Versatile Use: This holder isn't just for millet; it can also be used for holding similar pet bird grasses and other stemmed treats, adding variety to your bird's diet

  • Easy Installation: Attaching the JW Millet Spray Holder to the cage is a breeze, making treat time convenient and enjoyable for both you and your beloved bird


Dimensions (approximate)

  • 20cm height x 4cm diameter (at widest point)


  • Always ensure your bird has easy access to fresh drinking water

  • Keep an eye on your bird during playtime

  • If there are signs of excessive wear or damage, replace the toy

 *Millet not included

*Please note, the manufacturer may update the product's packaging, design, appearance, and texture, which could result in variations from the current version

Directions for Use

  • Place Millet Spray inside the Holder

  • Hang Holder within easy reach of perch