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JW Insight ActiviToys Tip and Treat Food Dispensing Enrichment Toy for Birds

JW Insight ActiviToys Tip and Treat Food Dispensing Enrichment Toy for Birds Will Add Excitement and Stimulation to Your Bird's Day

It's not just a toy; it's a treat-filled challenge that promotes physical and mental well-being while providing hours of entertainment


  • Eye-Catching Colors: The vibrant colours of this toy will instantly catch your bird's eye and provide a visually stimulating experience

  • Exercise and Stimulation: Parakeets, cockatiels, and small birds thrive on exercise and mental stimulation, and this toy is designed to engage your bird's mind and motor skills, promoting their overall well-being

  • Treat-Filled Adventure: Fill the treat ball, place it back in the holder, and let the fun begin - watch your clever bird figure out how to access their tasty reward, turning treat time into an exciting and enriching adventure


  • Perfect for Parakeets and Cockatiels: Tailored for parakeets, cockatiels, and similarly sized birds, this toy offers hours of entertainment and engagement for your feathered friend

  • Interactive Fun: Let your bird's curiosity and problem-solving skills shine as they work to retrieve their treat, providing a rewarding and interactive experience for your pet

  • Promote Health and Vigor: Keeping your bird active and mentally engaged is essential for their overall health and vitality, and this toy is your ticket to a healthier, happier pet


Dimensions (approximate)

  • Frame: 8cm height x 5.5cm width x 8cm depth

  • Treat ball: 5cm height x 4cm diameter


  • Always ensure your bird has easy access to fresh drinking water

  • Keep an eye on your bird during playtime

  • If there are signs of excessive wear or damage, replace the toy


*Please note, the manufacturer may update the product's packaging, design, appearance, and texture, which could result in variations from the current version