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JW Insight ActiviToys Basketball Enrichment Toy for Birds

JW Insight ActiviToys Basketball Enrichment Toy for Birds Is a Fun and Fantastic Addition for Your Feathered Friend

This is the slam dunk of avian entertainment that will have your feathered friend flying high with excitement!

  • Let your feathered MVP shoot hoops with style!

  • The plastic basketball hoop and colourful ball are designed for birdie enjoyment and will withstand even the most enthusiastic slam dunks and beak-to-ball dribbles

Mental Stimulation and Boredom Reduction

  • Birds are smart, and they need mental challenges to stay happy

  • The toy is designed to keep your bird's mind engaged and sharp

  • Watch as they strategise, plan their next move, and refine their shooting skills, all while having a blast!

Encourages Movement and Exercise

  • This basketball bird toy gets them on their wings and encourages healthy exercise

  • Flying to the hoop, pecking at the ball, and practising their slam dunks will keep your pet active and fit

Perfect for Smaller Parrots

  • JW Activitoys are tailor-made for smaller parrots like parakeets and cockatiels

  • It's the perfect size for their beaks and talons!


Dimensions (approximate)

  • Backboard: 9.5cm width x 7cm height x 5cm depth

  • Hoop: 4cm height x 4cm diameter

  • Ball: 2cm diameter



  • Always ensure your bird has easy access to fresh drinking water

  • Keep an eye on your bird during playtime

  • If there are signs of excessive wear or damage, replace the toy


*Please note, the manufacturer may update the product's packaging, design, appearance, and texture, which could result in variations from the current version