Jungle Talk Tango Dango Small-Medium Toy For Birds

Jungle Talk Tango Dango Toy For Birds Is A Fun Way To Keep Your Bird Mentally And Physically Active And Entertained All Day Long

This exciting, interactive toy is the perfect way to keep your bird entertained all day long

  • An interlocked fruit-flavoured wooden frame with a fun-coloured bead centre
  • Acrylic and wooden spinning shapes allow your bird to peck and create fun sounds
  • The fruit-flavoured timber acts as a delicious attraction for your bird
  • Your bird will enjoy the wide range of textures and unpredictable movement of the dangly toy
  • The wooden frame is attached to a long, metal dangly chain which attaches to your bird’s cage using the strong and safe carabiner
  • Encourages exploration, interaction, preening, and chewing
  • Keeps your bird physically active and mentally stimulated
  • Discourages unacceptable biting, chewing and destruction
  • Provides an acceptable outlet for the naturally driven chewing and climbing behaviour of birds
  • Allows your bird to practice the natural skill of holding, grasping and manipulating toys with its feet
  • Encourages beak maintenance
  • Improves your bird’s quality of life
  • Easy to install in your bird’s cage
  • Simply unscrew the carabiner (turn left to loosen), clip onto the top of your bird’s cage, and re-tighten the carabiner (turn right to tighten)
  • Colours may differ to that shown in the image


Small - Medium

  • Total: 23cm height x 9cm length
  • Wooden frame:  12.5cm height x 9cm length x 1.5cm width
  • Beads:  2cm x 3cm approx.
  • Metal chain: 10cm length x 1cm width


  • Total: 28cm height x 12.5cm length
  • Wooden frame:  17.5cm height x 12.5cm length x 1.5cm width
  • Beads: 3.5 – 6cm length x 1 – 3.5cm width
  • Metal chain: 10cm length x 1.5cm width


  • Made with food grade colouring and flavour
  • Equipped with stainless steel quick links lock
  • Intended for pet use only


Directions for Use

  • Attach the toy to the side or roof of the cage using the stainless-steel quick links lock
  • Show your bird how to use the toy by playing with the toy
  • Rotate different toys in and out of the cage on a regular basis – a variety of toys keeps the bird stimulated, curious and satisfies a range of behavioural needs