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Jungle Talk Natural Millet And Treat Holder For Small Birds

Jungle Talk Natural Millet And Treat Holder For Birds Is A Fun Way To Keep Your Bird Mentally And Physically Active And Entertained
  • The perfect accessory for your bird’s cage to keep them busy all day long
  • Helps to minimize mess by keeping treats stored neatly in one place
  • Provides your bird with the stimulation it requires for good overall health
  • Ideal for finches, canaries and other small cage birds
  • Encourages exploration, interaction, and foraging
  • Keeps your bird physically active and mentally stimulated
  • Discourages unacceptable biting, chewing and destruction
  • Provides an acceptable outlet for the naturally driven foraging behaviour of birds
  • Allows your bird to practice the natural skill of holding, grasping and manipulating objects with its feet
  • Improves your bird’s quality of life
  • Made from all-natural materials
  • Easily attaches to your bird’s cage
  • Simply clip to the cage using the stainless-steel carabiner
  • The carabiner is connected to a long dangly rope


  • Hang the treat holder on the inside of cage wires, and secure tightly with the hang tag
  • Be sure to place it in a location where your bird can reach it

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