iPetz Anti Tracking Pet Bowl And Litter Mat For Cats And Dogs 30x40cm

iPetz Anti-Tracking Pet Bowl And Litter Mat For Cats And Dogs Is Fantastic For Keeping Homes Clean And Tidy

Are you tired of finding litter or food scattered across the floor? This handy yet simple mat will solve your messy issues and keep your home spotless!

  • A fantastic anti-tracking litter mat designed to keep your house clean
  • Helps to stop your pet from transferring litter and mess around on their paws
  • Great to use underneath any litter box or pet bowl
  • Made from uniquely woven, flexible PVC plastic material– designed to help spread your pet’s paws and release mess onto the mat
  • The rough textured surface helps to trap dirt and litter in one spot  
  • Anti-slip base keeps the mat in one place
  • Cute paw print design adds attraction to your home
  • Stylish, modern grey colour 
  • Soft and comfortable on your pet's paws
  • Easy to clean


  • 40cm length x 30cm width x 0.2cm thick

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