iPetz Anti Tracking Double Layer Litter Mat Large For Cats 75 x 58cm

iPetz Anti Tracking Double Layer Mat Large For Cats Has Two Layers To Trap Litter Inside And Stop It Spreading Around The Home

Are you tired of finding litter scattered across the floor? This handy yet simple mat will solve your messy issues and keep your home spotless!

  • A fantastic anti-tracking litter mat designed to keep your house clean
  • Helps to stop your pet from transferring litter and mess around on their paws
  • Great to use underneath any litter box or pet bowl
  • The mat has 2 layers – the top layer has a mesh design for litter to fall through and become trapped inside the centre of the mat
  • The top layer is made from EVA rubber material – designed to help spread your pet’s paws and release mess into the mat
  • The anti-slip base helps to keep the mat in one place
  • Easy to clean – simply shake the mat to remove the litter inside and then wipe away any remaining mess with a wet sponge
  • You can even seperate the 2 layers completely for easy cleaning, thanks to the secure velcro panels
  • Comfortable on your pet's paws
  • Stylish, modern black colour 
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • 75cm length x 58cm width x 1.3cm thick

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