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Hills Prescription Diet ld Liver Care Original Canned Wet Dog Food 370gm x 12

Hills Prescription Diet ld Liver Care Original Canned Wet Dog Food Will Help Your Pet To Manage Liver Related Health Problems

It is recommended that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before and during the use of this product to determine the needs of your dog

Indications – may be prescribed to nutritionally manage:

  • Ascites & edema associated with liver disorders

  • Copper storage disease

  • General liver disorders

  • Hepatic encephalopathy

  • Portosystemic shunt

  • Insulinoma



  • Pregnant or nursing dogs

  • Patients with hyperlipidemia, pancreatitis, history of pancreatitis or at risk of pancreatitis


  • Specially Formulated: This food is meticulously designed to support your dog's liver health

  • Irresistible Taste: It boasts a ground texture and a delectable taste that dogs simply can't resist

  • Controlled Protein: The formula includes a controlled level of highly digestible protein to support your dog's overall health

  • Low Copper: To mitigate the risk of excessive copper accumulation in the liver, Hill's Prescription Diet l/d Liver Care is formulated with low copper levels, promoting optimal liver function for your dog

  • Clinically Proven Antioxidants: It includes clinically proven antioxidants to bolster your dog's immune system, ensuring they stay strong and healthy

  • Urinary Health: In addition to liver support, the formula promotes a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite and calcium oxalate crystals, enhancing overall well-being


Feeding Guide

Feeding Directions

  • It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use and during the period of use

  • Individual requirements will vary depending on pre-existing nutritional status and medical condition

  • Consult with the treating veterinarian to establish a feeding guide for the individual patient

  • Grams are the most accurate form of measurement; cups are estimated from grams

  • If feeding this food for the first time, mix increasing amounts of your pet's new food with decreasing amounts of the old food for 7 days or more

  • Keep fresh water available at all times

  • Your pet's nutritional needs may change as they age - ask your vet at every check-up

  • Small, frequent meals (3-6 times daily) are often appropriate in the types of cases for which Hill's Prescription Diet  ld Liver Care Original Wet Dog Food is typically used


Daily Feeding Table

Weight of Dog 
 Cans per Day 
2 ½  
3 ½  




Cereals, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, eggs and egg derivatives, meat and animal derivatives, seeds, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin

Protein sources

Soybean meal, dried whole eggs, maize gluten meal

Analytical Constituents

Protein 4.9%, Fat content 6.1%, Crude fibre 0.74%, Crude ash 1.3%, Moisture 74.1%, Calcium 0.18%, Phosphorus 0.14%, Sodium 0.05%, Potassium 0.23%, Magnesium 0.03%,

per kg: Vitamin A 8,906IU, Vitamin D3 406IU, Total copper 0.8mg, 3b103 (Iron) 9.8mg, 3b202 (Iodine) 0.2mg, 3b502 (Manganese) 19.2mg, 3b603 (Zinc) 21.6mg