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Haypigs Piggy Weightlifter Vegetable Kebab Maker For Small Animals

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Haypigs Piggy Weightlifter Vegetable Kebab Maker For Small Animals Is A Fantastic Fun Way To Feed Your Little Pet Healthy Fruit And Vegetables
  • Your little friend will be a champion weightlifter in no time with this barbell-shaped vegetable kebab maker!
  • A fantastic way to feed your pet healthy fruit and vegetables in a fun way!
  • Easy to use – simply pull off the end ball, fill up the skewer with yummy fruit and veggies and then pop the end back on and give to your special pet
  • You can enjoy watching your pet nibble the food, move the barbell around the ground and play tug of war with other little pets
  • The kebab can even be mounted from the side of a cage if you're feeling extra adventurous!
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation with a fantastic food challenge
  • Made from pet safe, food grade, silicone and stainless steel
  • Suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, ferrets, mice and even pet birds


  • 21cm total length
  • Middle of skewer: 11.5cm length
  • Skewer width: 2mm
  • Balls: 5cm diameter


  • Some fruits and vegetables are not suitable for some small pets or should be limited to very small portions
  • Children must seek assistance if loading the skewer with food
  • Supervise your pet when they are using this product
  • If the product becomes damaged, please refrain from using it further

Directions for use

  • To use, remove one of the end balls from the skewer
  • Choose your own vegetables or fruit and place the food on a chopping board.
  • Push the rod down through the centre of each piece on the chopping board
  • Please be careful with the point of the rod and never push it into your hand
  • Do not leave the skewer exposed without the ball ends
  • Always remove food that has not been eaten within 12 hours and clean the rod before reloading

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