Groom Professional Stainless Steel Shedding Blade For Dogs

Groom Professional Shedding Blade For Dogs Provides Top Class Grooming Results For The Finest Of Pets
  • Treat your pal to a high quality, professional grooming experience
  • Developed in Northern Ireland to premium standards
  • This shedding blade features double-sided stainless steel teeth to remove dead hair  
  • Helps to keep tangles and mats at bay
  • The ergonomic, non-slip handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip and use
  • The tool can be used looped or unclipped to be used straight
  • To use straight, simply push the button on the handle to separate
  • To use as a loop, simply connect the handle back together and ensure it is locked


  • Total: 32.5cm length
  • Blade (when looped): 18cm length x 8.5cm width x 1.5cm thick
  • Blade (when extended straight): 40.5cm length
  • Handle: 14.5cm length x 3cm width x 2.3cm thick


Directions for Use

  1. Stand along the side of your pet’s body and stroked the coat lightly from front to back
  2. Use a soft sweeping motion – do not neglect the legs and underbody where loose hair tends to accumulate

Use the blade looped

  • Brush your pet with the shedding blade along the coat
  • Work from head to tail brushing small areas at a time

Use the blade straight

  • The open blade makes grooming sides and back easy, use a hand on each half handle
  • Brush your pet with the toothed or smooth edge along the coat
  • Work from head to tail brushing large areas

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