Groom Professional Dematting Comb For Dogs

Groom Professional Dematting Comb For Dogs Provides Top Class Grooming Results For The Finest Of Pets
  • Treat your pal to a high quality, professional grooming experience
  • Developed in Northern Ireland to premium standards
  • This handy dematting comb is great for cutting through mats of fur
  • The ergonomic, non-slip handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip and use
  • There is a strong, stainless steel thumb rest that allows you to use more pressure during grooming  
  • Combing your pet’s coat releases natural oils in the hair which creates a healthy, shiny coat
  • Promotes blood circulation and helps to remove static electricity from the fur


  • Total: 17cm length x 2.5 – 7cm width
  • Blade: 5cm length x 4.3cm width
  • Handle: 12cm length x 2.7cm width x 2cm thick

Directions For Use

  1. Comb your pet carefully, being cautious to keep the sharpened edge of the blade from contacting the skin
  2. When clearing a mat of fur, try to hold the hair at the roots to avoid pulling the skin, then work from the outer ends towards the roots, using short strokes
  3. Carefully comb in the direction of hair growth until the dematting comb glides easily through the coat – the coat should be clean and manageable at this point
  4. Finish off with a comb or brush