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Groom Professional Deluxe 3cm Long Pin Brush For Dogs

Groom Professional Deluxe 3cm Long Pin Brush For Dogs Provides Top Class Grooming Results For The Finest Of Pets
  • Treat your pal to a high quality, professional grooming experience
  • Developed in Northern Ireland to premium standards
  • This pin brush is used by professional groomers due to its ability to remove dead hair, mats, and tangles of the undercoat, while keeping the topcoat intact
  • The pins are connected to a soft rubber cushion which provides flexibility and comfort for your pet
  • The brush effectively increases the natural volume of the coat
  • The pins have a rounded tip to be safe and gentle against the skin
  • Ergonomic handle makes it pleasant to grip and hold

Recommended for:

  • Large and medium dogs
  • Long-haired small breeds


  • Total: 22cm length x 6cm width
  • Handle: 11cm x 2.8cm width x 0.5cm thick
  • Head: 11cm length x 6cm width x 4cm depth
  • Pins: 3cm length x 1mm thick