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Groom Professional Ball Pin Slicker Brush Small For Dogs

Groom Professional Ball Pin Slicker Brush For Dogs Provides Top Class Grooming Results For The Finest Of Pets
  • Treat your pal to a high quality, professional grooming experience
  • Developed in Northern Ireland to premium standards
  • This gentle brush is designed to remove dead hair from the undercoat and topcoat
  • Brushing the coat creates a nice fluffy feel and keeps your dog looking their best
  • Grooming your dog stimulates the skin and promotes healthy hair growth
  • The brush has ball pin tips to be gentle on the skin and coat
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and young puppies



  • 14.5cm length x 8cm width x 2-3.5cm thick


  • 15.5cm length x 10.5cm width x 2-3.5cm thick


  • 18.5cm length x 11.5cm width x 2.5-4.5cm thick


  • Do not use on dogs with a corded coat

Directions For Use

  • Work on one section at a time
  • Gently pull the brush through any tangles – do not tug as this will break the hair and cause discomfort
  • Curly coated breeds need to be brushed more often
  • Do not use on corded coats

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