Gripsoft Nail Clipper Deluxe Large For Dogs And Cats

Nail Clipper Deluxe For Dogs And Cats Large Gripsoft Is Great For Trimming Your Pets Nails Safely
  • You no longer need to fear trimming your pet’s nails with this easy and safe to use device!
  • Nails grow continuously throughout your pet’s lifetime, therefore they must be trimmed to prevent problems from occurring
  • Short nails are critical for optimal health and prevent pain in your dog’s toes
  • By trimming your pet’s nails, you will keep them more comfortable, happy and healthy
  • These nail clippers safely and accurately trim your pet's nails
  • Effective grip for a strong hold 
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish colours

Directions for use

  • Try locating the nail bed, or quick, inside your pet's nail - it contains blood vessels and nerves
  • The quick is easily visible in light colored nails,  but often difficult to see in dark nails
  • Use this clipper with the cutting blade toward you and cut the nail well short of the quick
  • If you accidentally do cut the quick, apply styptic powder to help stop the bleeding
  • After trimming the nails, smooth the edges with the Grip Soft Nail File.

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