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Golden Retriever Favourites + Free Gift

Golden Retriever Favourites Plus Free Gift

Every breed is unique - that’s why we love them! The way you care for them should be unique too.

Breed Favourites are the easy way to shop for food and a variety of pet essentials that are suitable for your breed’s unique needs – and get a FREE GIFT with every purchase!


Golden Retrievers are known for their gentle, affectionate, and even-tempered nature with a playful and social personality.

Here, you can select from show cased products, specifically selected for the care of Golden Retrievers – not only premium food, but also treats, toys, and slow feeding tools, that will become favourite items for you and your Golden Retriever.

Toys for energetic playtime, and treats for training rewards, are a must for keeping Golden Retrievers physically and mentally stimulated. Golden Retrievers were originally bred to hunt waterfowls; so, they love to swim, chase, and retrieve. However, they are also known for their passion and enthusiasm for eating, so toys and bowls that help you manage how much, and how quickly, they eat, will be items you can use everyday while caring for your Golden Retriever.

It is important that your Golden Retriever’s food is nutritionally balanced, supports their joints, skin and coat, cardiac health, and weight maintenance.

Golden Retrievers are known to be fast eaters, therefore, a slow feeding mat is a fantastic way to prolong eating time. A slow feeding mat also provides enriching, delicious entertainment!

Every time you visit here, you will be able to select 2 products from the range. Return here as many times as you like to choose different combinations that will help you to care for your Golden Retriever.