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FURminator Hair Collection Tool For Clothing Furniture And Fabrics

FURminator Hair Collection Tool For Clothing Furniture And Fabrics Is A Convenient Solution For Pet Hair Disposal

This handy pet hair remover is a tool designed to effortlessly lift and collect fur from your clothing after a grooming session with your furry friend

  • The FURminator hair collection tool offers a hassle-free solution for managing pet hair and its disposal
  • Effectively eliminates embedded pet hair from clothing, furniture, and fabrics
  • Swiftly gathers pet hair, simplifying the clean-up process
  • A reusable tool designed to collect and dispose of loose hair effortlessly
  • The FURminator proves as effective as a sticky roller but distinguishes itself with prolonged durability, thanks to its reusable design
  • The FURminator has an ergonomic nonslip handle for maximum control


  • Please read all instructions and FAQs carefully before beginning your grooming. Use the FURminator® Hair Collection Tool only as directed. FURminator brand offers tools to tackle hair before your pet sheds and to clean up the hair your pet has already shed

Directions Of Use

  • Repeatedly pull the roller over surfaces covered with pet hair and the tool will begin to pick up the pet hair embedded on furniture, bedding, carpets, car seats and more. Turn the Furcollector knob regularly as you go along to trap pet hair in the collection chamber
  • When the tool is full of hair and no longer collecting additional hair, press the button to open the hair chamber. Remove the hair from the hair collection chamber, reclose the tool, and continue pulling over surfaces until desired hair clean-up results are achieved