Fidos Herbal Rinse Concentrate For Dogs And Cats 5L

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Fidos Herbal Rinse Concentrate Is A Versatile Leave-In Cleaner And Conditioner
  • Suitable for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats
  • pH balanced
  • low irritant
  • pleasant perfume
  • leave in conditioning rinse that will prepare dog and cat coats to showing quality
  • Produces a great conditioning effect and a pleasant perfumed coat
  • Can be used in a sprayer to condition the coat after shampooing
  • Suitable for use with long term flea control products

Directions for use:

  • Mix 1 mL of concentrate with 1 L of warm after (30mL to 30L)
  • Apply solution to the animal until thoroughly soaked
  • Avoid contact with the animal’s eyes
  • Allow animal to dry naturally; towel dry puppies and kitten to prevent chilling
  • Do not rinse off
  • Repeat every 1 – 2 weeks


  • Herbal extracts of Aloe vera, camomile, coltsfoot, horsetail, lemon balm, marshmallow, rest harrow, rosemary, sage, wild thyme, yarrow