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Fidos Fluff Buster De Shedding Shampoo For Dogs 250ml

Fidos Fluff Buster De Shedding Shampoo For Dogs Provides An Effective Method To Getting Rid Of Your Dogs Moulting Hair
  • Fido's Fluff Buster de-shedding shampoo is a high slip, concentrated shampoo that helps release your dog's undercoat and aids the de-moulting process leaving your dog looking and feeling good
  • Helps minimise coat clumping and matting
  • Leaves the coat looking sleeker, and shinier which gives your dog a leaner look when used regularly
  • Ideal for Husky, Samoyed, Border Collie, German Shepherd, and other breeds with double coats
  • High slip formula with added jojoba oil for a luxurious coat
  • Suitable for double-coated and shedding dogs of all ages
  • Paraben free
  • Soap-free
  • pH balancer helps maintain your dog's skin and a healthy coat
  • Flea and tick treatment compatible
  • Veterinary formulated in Australia and made in Australia


 Direction For Use:

  • Wet dog all over, avoiding nostrils, eyes the coat or for hard to wet dogs dilute and ears. Apply shampoo directly to the coat or for hard-to-wet dogs dilute shampoo in a jug then apply the diluted formula
  • Massage deeply to hair roots, including the behind, groin, thighs, and armpits. Rinse well, squeezing or pressing water from the coat as you rinse to ensure no shampoo residue remains. For best results press excess water from the coat with a towel, then dry with a force or hair dryer held at least 30cm from the skin
  •  When dry brush with a slicker brush from hair root to tip or massage while wearing rubber or silicone gloves
  • It's normal for the dog to lose their dead coat for up to 72 hours after bathing, especially if a dryer is not used
  • Take Care! Shampoos can make the bath and floor slippery. Use caution to keep you and your pet safe