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Fidos Fleatrol Plus Flea Spray for Dogs and Household 500ml

Quick dry flea spray for your dog and household - While stocks last

Fidos Fleatrol Plus Flea Spray for Dogs and Household 500ml

A 'ready to use' spray

  • Contains pyrethrin to kill adult fleas and brown ticks (not Paralysis)
  • Contains methoprene which inhibits the development of flea eggs and larvae
  • For use on pets and their environment
  • Breaks the flea life cycle



  • Spray from a distance of 15cm to the animal by squeezing the trigger rapidly and continuously
  • Fluff the hair to allow the spray to penetrate to the skin
  • Start from the tailand work towards the head spraying enough to slightly dampen the coat and skin
  • Spray may be used daily
  • Do not spray into the animal’s eyes or onto genitalia

Zone Control

  • To aid the control of flea infestations, bedding should be changed or sprayed with this product and allowed to dry
  • Areas frequented by the pet should also be treated with this product when suitable
  • For most effective results the animal’s environment (house and bedding) should be treated with a suitable complete release insecticide such as Fido's Flea Bomb Insecticidal Fogger

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