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Ferplast Atlas 10 Pet Transport Carrier Crate For Small Dogs Cats Animals

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Ferplast Atlas Pet Transport Carrier Crate For Small Dogs Cats Animals Is An Easy Way To Take Your Pet On Trips With You
  • Travelling with your pet has never been easier with this safe and secure carrier!
  • Designed for cats and small dogs, this sturdy crate is perfect for carrying your furry friend anywhere
  • Suitable for travelling in the car, bus, train, ship, or plane
  • Easy to carry thanks to the strong fixed handle
  • The base and the top are made of solid, durable plastic
  • The door is made of plastic-coated steel that closes from the outside with clips, to avoid accidental opening during travel
  • The crate has optimal air circulation due to the side air panels
  • The secure side snap latches ensure the crate remains closed and allows easy opening
  • Accepted by most airlines for transportation
  • Very spacious and allows your pet to stand up during the journey to drink, eat, move, scratch or stretch
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning
  • Random colour selectionyou will be given green/cream, or black/white



  • 48cm length x 32.5cm width x 29cm height
  • Maximum capacity: 5 kg


  • 58cm length x 37cm width x 32cm height
  • Maximum capacity: 8 kg


  • Always ensure your pet has access to fresh drinking water during travel 
  • It is important to train your pet in the crate so they feel comfortable in it before travel time 

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