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Felpreva Spot On Pipette For Medium Cats 2.5-5kg 2 Pack

All in one treatment for Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Roundworm, Lungworm and Tapeworms - While Stocks Last

Felpreva Spot On Pipette For Medium Cats 2.5-5kg Treats Fleas Ticks Mites Roundworms Lungworms And Tapeworms

Per Pipette

72.45mg Tigolaner 60.24mg Praziquantel 15.06mg Emodepside 

Felpreva contains tigolaner, a systemic insecticide and acaricide, belonging to the chemical class bispyrazole acaricides (mode of action similar to the isoxazolines), praziquantel, a synthetic isoquinoline-pyrazine derivative and emodepside that belongs to class of cyclic depsipeptides

For the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, treatment and control of paralysis ticks, treatment of mites, treatment and control of intestinal worms in cats and kittens from 10 weeks of age

Felpreva rapidly kills adult fleas and indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea (Ctenocephalides felis) infestations for 13 weeks, for control of newly acquired adult fleas and for the control of flea allergy dermatitis

Fleas already on the animal prior to administration are killed at 12 hours. For newly infected fleas the onset of efficacy is at 8 hours for 2 months after product administration and at 24 hours afterwards. The flea life cycle is broken due to rapid onset of action and long-lasting efficacy against adult fleas on the animal and the absence of viable egg production

This product is an aid in the control of fleas and may not completely eliminate fleas from treated animals. Total eradication of fleas requires appropriate treatment of both the animal and its environment. A veterinarian should be consulted when flea infestation continues to be a problem.

Felpreva treats and controls paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) for 13 weeks. Ticks are killed at 48 hours after product administration

Reduces the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) by controlling adult fleas. Treatment of ear mites (Otodectes cynotis, Notoedres cati)

Ixodes holycyclus ticks do not occur in Western Australia. In tick season, daily searching for, and removal of, any ticks found is recommended


Treatment And Control Of Intestinal Worms Including:

  • Roundworms - mature, immature and larval (L3 and L4) stages of Toxocara cati, and mature, immature and larval (L4) stage of Toxascaris Leonina
  • Hookworms - mature, immature and larval (L4) stages of Ancylostoma tubaeforme and Ancylostoma ceylanicum
  • Tapeworms - mature and immature stages of Dipylidium caninumTaenia taeniaeformis
  • Lungworm - mature stages of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus

Safety Directions:

  • Will irritate eyes
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If the product gets in the eyes wash it out immediately with water
  • Wash hands after use

First Aid:

  • If accidentally ingested by a child pre-disposed to seizures immediately, or if poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre
  • Phone 131 126

Additional User Safety Information:

  • Do not contact, or allow children to contact the application site for 24 hours and until it is dry
  • Where possible, apply to the animal in the evening
  • On the day of treatment, treated animals should not be permitted to sleep with their owner, especially children
  • Pregnant women should wear gloves when administering the product


  • Dispose of used pipettes by wrapping them in paper and placing them in the garbage.


  • Store below 25°C (air conditioning)

Limitation Of Liability

Failure to use the product strictly as directed may be illegal, prove dangerous or render the product ineffective. Notwithstanding anything else contained on this label, and subject to any rights you have under the Australian Consumer Law and any other applicable law, Vetoquinol Australia Pty Ltd's liability is limited to replacing this product or supplying the equivalent product or paying the cost of replacing this product, at its discretion.

APVMA No. 91796/133426

Directions For Use


  • The safe use of Felpreva in pregnant or lactating cats has not been evaluated
  • A veterinarian should be consulted if there are any concerns about the use of this product in animals with thyroid or hepatic dysfunction
  • No target animal safety data beyond 4 consecutive treatments are available and accumulation of tigolaner is likely
  • Repeated treatments should be restricted to limited individual situations according to a benefit-risk evaluation by the responsible veterinarian
  • Due to the product's activity against fleas and ticks for a period of 3 months and the potential for accumulation, the use of the product is not indicated at intervals shorter than 3 months
  • In cases where cats require a follow-up treatment against gastrointestinal worms (for example high prevalent and high risk areas) it is recommended to use a dedicated dewormer product


  • Do not administer to kittens under 10 weeks of age and less than 1.0 kg bodyweight

Side Effects:

  • Neurological disorders such as ataxia and tremor may occur in very rare cases
  • Occasionally hair loss, inflammation or pruritis may occur at the application site
  • This is usually a single occurrence and hair will grow back uneventfully

Dosage And Administration:

  • For external use only
  • The minimum recommended dosage is 14.4 mg tigolaner/kg body weight, 12 mg praziquantel/kg body weight and 3 mg emodepside/kg bodyweight equivalent to 0.148 mL Felpreva/kg bodyweight
  • For fleas, ticks and tapeworms, treat every 3 months
  • For the treatment of ear mites and notoedric mange a single dose should be administered. For roundworms and hookworms, treat at 10 weeks of age and thereafter every 3 months
  • For lungworms, one treatment is efficacious in the treatment of an existing lungworm infection


Body Weight Of Cat (kg)

Pipette Size To Be Used: Felpreva spot-on Solution

Volume (ml)

(1 Pipette)

Tigolaner (mg/kg bw)

Emodepside (mg/kg bw)

Praziquantel (mg/kg pc)


For Small Cats






For Medium






For Large Cats






Use An Appropriate Combination Of Pipettes

  • If worm problems persist consult a veterinarian
  • A single treatment is effective
  • Remove one tube from blister packaging. Hold tube in upright position, twist and pull off cap
  • Turn the cap over and place the other end of the cap onto the tip of the tube
  • Twist the cap to break the seal and then remove cap from tube
  • Part the hair on the cat's neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible
  • Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the contents directly onto the skin
  • Apply only onto intact skin

General Directions:

DO NOT administer by mouth. Avoid the recipient cat or other cats in the household licking the site of application after treatment has been applied. If licked by cats, transient signs of distaste (and occasionally vomiting) may be observed due to the bitter taste

Shampooing or immersion of the animal in water directly after treatment may reduce the efficacy of the product. Treated animals should not be bathed until the solution has fully dried

The liquid vehicle of FELPREVAR may discolour certain surfaces and fabrics e.g. polished floorboards, leather. Allow the application site to dry before permitting contact

Transmission of vector borne pathogens cannot be excluded prior to the effect of the product. Similarly, initial ectoparasite attachment may also lead to skin irritation, damage, allergic or toxic reactions



Active Ingredients, Per Pipette

72.45mg Tigolaner 60.24mg Praziquantel 15.06mg Emodepside