Equinox Wormer Paste For Horses Bucket of 50 x 32.4gm

Can be used in horses of all ages including pregnant mares and breeding stallions - While stocks last

Equinox Wormer Paste For Horses 32.4gm Treats And Controls Strongyles Pinworms Roundworms Hairworms And Stomach Worms

Contains a benzimidazole class active ingredient (oxfendazole), and aids in the treatment and control of the following species:

  • Small strongyles (Redworms)
  • Large strongyles (tissue stages of Strongylus edentatus, aids in the reduction of arterial lesions caused by migrating Strongylus vulgaris larvae)
  • Pinworms (adult and immature Oxyuris equi)
  • Roundworms (adult and immature Parascaris equorum)
  • Hairworms (adult and immature Trichostrongylus axei)
  • Large mouthed stomach worms (adult Habronema muscae)
  • A broad spectrum all-wormer paste for ponies and horses, ideal for use in a strategic or rotational worming program
  • Effective against a wide range of parasites including susceptible small strongyles, roundworms, pinworms and hairworms
  • Also effective in treatment of summer sores caused by certain cutaneous larvae and microfilariae
  • The palatable paste comes in an easy to use oral syringe with graduated dosing settings and
  • Pleasant taste encourages acceptance

Suitable for

  • All horses and ponies including pregnant and lactating mares, breeding stallions and foals over 6 weeks of age


  • Paste may be given directly over the tongue or mixed into feed
  • Each division on the plunger contains 2.7g of paste, sufficient to treat 50kg of bodyweight
  • One syringe of Equinox will treat a 600kg horse

Active Ingredients:

  • Oxfendazole